April 15, 2012

Snakes on a Train

From the Marietta Journal of Marietta, GA on May 1, 1936:

Rattlers Loose On Cincinnati Train

ATLANTA, Ga., May 1.--(UP)-- Several rattlers and other snakes which broke loose from their box had an express car on a passenger train all to themselves today as railway officials sealed the car and warned employees of the cargo. 

An attempt may be made to recapture the snakes at Cincinnati when the Flamingo, fast train from Florida, stops there.

A snake charmer was sought at Macon yesterday to do something but the plan was dropped in order to avoid delaying the train.

The repties were in route from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to the Detroit Zoo at Royal Oak, Mich.  It was believed only one box of snakes escaped, but these included two rattlers, a coach whip and one other reptile.  Five boxes of snakes are in the car.

Charles Woodall, express messenger, discovered the loosed snakes in the car near Albany, Ga.  He left the car immediately.  When the car reached Atlanta, a few packages were removed by express employees who worked very rapidly.  One snake was seen slithering across a hamper of beans and the car was quickly sealed.

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