June 22, 2013

Lightning Strike Kills Granville H. Brown, 1907


[July 28, 1907] -


Two Companions Shocked While Loading Hay--Grass Burned.

LONDON, Ky., July 27.---About 4 o'clock a terrific electrical storm swept over the greater portion of Laurel county, doing much damage. Granville H. Brown, one of the best known and most prosperous farmers of the county, was killed by lightning on his farm near Boreing, twelve miles east of here.  He and his son, Thomas Brown, and son-in-law J. T. Blair, were loading hay on a wagon when the bolt struck in their midst.  Mr. Brown was on the wagon stacking the hay.  He was instantly killed and was terribly burned by the lightning and his bones broken.  The other two men were shocked to unconsciousness.  After a time they became conscious and found Mr. Brown dead under the wagon and the hay on fire.  The dead man was quickly removed, but the burning grass could not be extinguished.  A fine pair of mules worth $500 were burned to death.

Mr. Brown was worth about $50,000 and made it nearly all on his farm, having been an industrious farmer all his life.  He was sixty-six years old, and served in the Twenty-Fourth Kentucky regiment in the Civil War. 

He was the organizer of the Laurel County Farm Association many years ago and was vice president for years.  He was also assisted in organizing the First National Bank, of this city, of which he was a director and large stockholder.

During the storm the residence of D. S. Woodward was set on fire by lightning and was barely saved from being destroyed.  The occupants were not seriously hurt. [1]


[1] "Leading Farmer Killed by Lightning." Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY. July 28, 1907. Page 2. Genealogybank.com.

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