November 9, 2014

KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Laurel County


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These are official opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals on civil and criminal cases appealed from the Laurel Circuit Court. The year following the case name is the year the appeal was heard by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and not necessarily the year the initial lower court trial occurred in the Laurel Circuit Court. This may not be every Laurel case heard by the Court of Appeals during this time period, but it is every one that appears on a certain legal research database.

As a general rule, if one of the parties is "Commonwealth," then it is a criminal case. Criminal cases are cases in which a person is charged with a crime. If the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not one of the parties, then it is a civil case. Civil cases are about wills, divorces, property, contracts, lawsuits, etc.  Many of these opinions contain a description of the facts of the case, and therefore may be of genealogical use to many visitors.

John Green & Effie Green v. Commonwealth, 1922
Gordon Rowland v. Commonwealth, 1922
Green v. Commonwealth, 1922
The Cincinnati Times Star Co. v. Clay's Admr, 1922
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Hyatt's Admr, 1922
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Haverly, etc., 1922
Bryant v. Green, 1921
Wages v. Commonwealth, 1921
Commonwealth v. Eller Robinson, 1921
Swaner v. Barnett, 1921
Hamner, Receiver, et al. v. Boreing, 1921
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Davis Hyatt's Admx, 1921
Pugh v. Eberlein, 1921
Roberta S. Bryant v. Commonwealth, 1921
Laurel County v. Howard, 1920
Jeff Sizemore v. Commonwealth, 1920 (change of venue from Clay county?)
Leonard Morgan, et al. v. Commonwealth, 1920 (change of venue from Clay county)
Watkins v. Thompson, et al. [and] Bastin, et al. v. Thompson, et al., 1920
Napier v. Napier, 1920 [2]
Napier v. Napier, 1920
William Mullins v. Commonwealth, 1919  *homicide
Elizabeth Mize v. S. W. Boston's Admx, 1919
D. B. Lucas, et al. v. Bibb Stanley, 1919
Harry Hale v. Commonwealth, 1919
McCormick v. Jones, Admrx., et al., 1919
Best, as Receiver, et al. v. Melcon, et al., 1919
Town of London, Kentucky v. B. F. Brown, et al., 1919
Robert Hurley v. Commonwealth, 1919
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. D. B. Murphy, 1918
Commonwealth, for Whitley National Bank of Corbin v. J. K. Lewis, 1918
Vaughn, et al. v. Wells, Laurel, 1918
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Elmer Seeley's Admr, 1918
Simpson Thomas v. Commonwealth, 1918  *homicide
Sturgill v. Sturgill, et al., 1918
McHargue v. Whitaker, et al., 1917
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Asher's Adm'r, 1917
Jonathan McNeill's Heirs, et al. v. Thompson, 1917
Taylor, et al. v. Townsend, et al., 1917
Ewell v. John A. Best, 1917
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. v. Commonwealth For Use, et al., for Laurel Co., 1917
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. John McCoy, 1917
Charles A. Baker v. H. M. Whittaker, 1917
C. J. Sipple v. W. C. Kehr, 1917
Jones, et al. v. Caldwell and Ford, 1917
Brown v. Laurel County Fiscal Court, 1917
Allen v. Commonwealth, 1917 *homicide
Robinson, Norton & Co. v. Burnett, 1917
First National Bank's Receiver of London, Ky v. Boreing's Adm'x, 1917
J. W. Bastin v. Jackson Givens, Adm'x, et al., 1916
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Leander Thomas' Adm'r, 1916
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Marlow, 1916
Whitaker v. First National Bank, 1915
Jackson v. Haake, 1915
North River Ins. Co. v. Dyche, 1915
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Stewart, 1915
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Winkler, Bullitt, 1915 (Laurel related)
Thompson, et al. v. Eversole, 1915
Lewis v. Creech's Admr, 1915
Chicago Veneer Co. v. James H. Arnold, Boyd Arnold, 1914
Koehler, et al. v. Almy, et al., 1914
Tyree v. Commonwealth, 1914  *homicide
Old Diamond Coal Co. v. Denney, 1914
Sansom, Trustee v. Ewell, etc., 1914
Adams Express Co. v. Commonwealth, 1914
Boreing, et al. v. Melcon, et al., Harlan, 1914 [2] (Laurel related)
Baugh's Admx v. Baugh's Admr, et al., 1914
Phoenix-Jellico Coal Co. v. Grant, 1914
Boreing, et al. v. Melcon, et al., Harlan, 1914 (Laurel related)
Commonwealth v. Johnson, 1914
Ford, et al. v. Bryant, 1914
Reserve Loan Life Insurance Co. v. Boreing, 1914
Grant v. Phoenix-Jellico Coal Co., 1913
Barnes, et al. v. Ewell, et al., 1913
Jones, et al. v. Lickliter, 1913
Pugh v. Jackson, Jr., 1913 [2]
Pugh v. Jackson, Jr., 1913
E. I. DuPont de Nemours Powder Co. v. L. & N. R. R. Co. & Edington-Griffitts Const. Co., 1913
Brown v. Beard, et al., 1913
May v. Commonwealth, 1913 (change of venue from Clay county)
Boreing's Admr. v. McHargue, et al., 1913
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Cook, Laurel, 1912
Bauer Cooperage Co. v. Ewell & Smith, 1912
Boyd's Exor. v. Commonwealth, By, et al., 1912
Boyd, Jr., Exor. v. Commonwealth, et al., 1912
Owsley v. Miller, et al., 1912
Williams, et al. v. Johnson, 1912
McGee, et al. v. Vanover, 1912
Storm Brothers v. First National Bank of London, 1912
Sansom, Trustee v. Edwards, Laurel, 1912
American Central Insurance Co. v. Hardin, 1912
Phoenix Jellico Coal Co. v. Grant, 1912
Phoenix Jellico Coal Co. v. Robinson, 1912
Parker v. Commonwealth, 1912
The O. K. Jellico Coal Co. v. L. L. Parks & L. M. Parks, 1912
Howard v. St. Louis Jewelry Co., 1912
Commonwealth v. Cornett, et al., 1911
Adams Express Co. v. Hibbard, 1911
Elliott v. Walker, et al., 1911
Elliott, et al. v. Scoville's Assignee, et al., 1911
Sansom, Trustee v. Ayer & Lord Tie Co., 1911
Elliott, et al. v. Commonwealth, 1911 [2]
Elliott, et al. v. Commonwealth, 1911
Dunavant v. Commonwealth, 1911
The Sutherland-Innes Co. v. Weaver, 1911
Miller, et al. v. Huston, et al., 1911
Mori v. Howard, 1911
Owen v. Lily-Jellico Coal Co., 1911
Sparks v. Jackson, et al., 1911
Lincks, et al. v. Lincks, et al., 1911
Jones, et al. v. Whitaker, 1911
Ewell v. Green, et al., 1910
Steele v. Jackson, et al., 1910
Chandler v. Inman, et al., 1910
Sparks v. Sipple, 1910
Ewell v. Hauser, et al., 1910
Johnson v. Farris, 1910
Boyd's Exor v. Laurel County, 1910
Kentucky Journal Publishing Co. v. Brock, 1910
Bledsoe, et al. v. Thompson, et al., 1910
Betty, &c. v. Petrie, &c., 1910
Phoenix Jellico Coal Co. v. Grant, 1910
Wiggins, et al. v. Brown, 1910
Parks, &c. v. O. K. Jellico Coal Co., &c., 1910
Eddington-Griffiths Const. Co. v. Turner, 1910
United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Herzig, 1910
Gray v. Alderson's Admr, 1909
Hiller v. Nelson, et al., 1909
Hamilton, et al. v. Steele, 1909
Bryant v. Prewitt, &c., 1909
Steele v. Bryant, &c., 1909
Curvin v. Grimes, 1909
United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Jones, &c., 1908
Ewell, &c., v. Jackson, &c., 1908
Commonwealth v. Boyd, 1908  *homicide
Whittaker v. McQueen, 1908
Jackson, &c. v. McHargue, &c., 1908
Boreing, &c. v. Faris, &c., 1907
Rader's Admrx. v. Louisville & Nashville R. R. Co., 1907
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Commonwealth, 1907
Jung Brewing Co. v. Commonwealth, 1906 [2]
Jung Brewing Co. v. Commonwealth, 1906
Landrum v. Commonwealth, 1906
New South Brewing & Ice Co. v. Commonwealth, 1906
Commonwealth v. Bray, 1906
Chestnut, et al. v. Corbin Banking Co., 1906
Ward v. Commonwealth, 1906  *homicide
Thompson v. Commonwealth, 1906
Bishop v. Jackson, 1906
Whitaker v. Swanner, &c., 1905
Adams Express Co. v. Commonwealth, 1905
Crigler, &c. v. Commonwealth, 1905
Chestnut v. Green, 1905
Jackson. &c. v. Hardin, 1905
Underwood v. Commonwealth, 1905 *homicide
Chapman and Wife v. Haley, 1904
Thompson v. Thompson, &c., 1904
Moren v. Commonwealth, 1903
Ewell, et al. v. Tye, 1903
Thompson, et al. v. Brownlie, et al., 1903
Howard v. London Mfg. Co., 1903
Boreing v. Boreing, 1903
Chadwell v. Commonwealth, 1902 (change of venue from Clay county)
Kuhn's Admr v. Kuhn et al., 1902
Bryant v. Commonwealth, 1902
Commonwealth v. Hail, 1902
Hofer v. Cowan McClung & Co., 1902
Thompson's Admx. v. Thompson, 1902
Casteel et al., v. Baugh's Admr, 1902
Ward v. L. & N. R. Co., 1901
Strange v. Commonwealth, 1901  *homicide
Blunchi v. Commonwealth, 1901
Leak v. Commonwealth, 1901
Reams, &c., v. McHargue, 1901
Faris v. Cook et al., 1901
Stapleton, &c., v. Poynter, 1901
Commonwealth v. Jackson et al., 1901
Roberts v. Hackney, 1900
Smith et al., v. Craft et al., and Smith v. Mineral Ridge Mfg. Co., 1900
Saylor v. Commonwealth, 1900
Stapleton et al., v. Ewell, 1900
Riley v. Commonwealth, 1900 (2)
Randall v. Ewell, et al., 1900
Lovelace v. Lovell, etc., 1900
Riley v. Commonwealth, 1900
Strange v. Commonwealth, 1900  *homicide
Smith v. First National Bank of London, 1899
Mullins v. Johnson, 1899
Black v. Allen, 1899
Mitchell v. Commonwealth, 1899
Edwards v. Howard, 1899
Johnson, Etc. v. Ginn & Co., 1899
Diamond Coal Co. v. Carter Dry-Goods Co., 1899
Thompson et al., v. Brownlie et al., 1898
Brown's Admr. v. L. & N. R. Co., 1898
L. & N. R. Co. v. Hale, etc., 1898
Rooney v. Commonwealth, 1897
Johnson's Admx v. Haldeman, etc., 1897
Commonwealth v. Bossie &c., 1896
L. & N. R. Co. v. Queen City Coal Co., 1896
Steele v. Steele, 1895
Barnard v. Commonwealth, 1893
Taylor v. Commonwealth, 1893
Lovell v. Commonwealth, 1892
Fueston v. Commonwealth, 1891  *homicide
Wood, &c., v. Pitman Coal Co., 1890
Miller, &c., v. Commonwealth, 1888  *homicide
Wigginton v. Ewell, 1888
Samuel Barnard v. Commonwealth, 1888  *homicide
Cheek v. Commonwealth, 1888
Gaines v. Jones, &c., 1888
Barnes v. Jackson's Admr, 1887
Hendrickson v. Commonwealth, 1887
Caldwell v. Seivers & Co., &c., 1887
Elijah Harris v. Commonwealth, 1885
Sparks, &c. v. Commonwealth, 1885  *homicide
Benjamin Magee v. Melville Phelps et al., 1883
Evans v. Commonwealth, 1881
David Asher et al. v. William McCarty, 1881
 P. N. Tye, &c., v. C. W. Catching, 1880
C. Pitman, et al., v. George Watkin's Adm'r., 1878
Samuel Barnard v. Commonwealth, 1876
Richard P. Gresham v. James Broughton, 1876
Felix Casteel v. Isaac Faubush, 1872
J. Jackson v. C. Pitman, 1871
Catching v. Davis, 1842
Taylor v. Lyon, 1834
Commonwealth v. Tibbs, 1833
Carson, &c. v. Pearl, &c., 1830

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