November 1, 2014

KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Rockcastle County


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These are official opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals on civil and criminal cases appealed from the Rockcastle Circuit Court. The year following the case name is the year the appeal was heard by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and not necessarily the year the initial lower court trial occurred in the Rockcastle Circuit Court. This may not be every Rockcastle case heard by the Court of Appeals during this time period, but it is every one found on a certain legal research database.

As a general rule, if one of the parties is "Commonwealth," then it is a criminal case. Criminal cases are cases in which a person is charged with a crime. If the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not one of the parties, then it is a civil case. Civil cases are about wills, divorces, property, contracts, etc.  Many of these opinions contain a description of the facts of the case, and therefore may be of genealogical use to many visitors.

There is a search box in the right column titled "Search This Blog" which you can use to search for a surname or other keyword. I plan to annotate this list eventually, but until that time please use that search box to help you.


Norton's Admr v. Winstead, 1927
Norton, Jr. v. Winstead, 1927
Mullins v. Commonwealth, 1922 (4)
Mullins v. Commonwealth, 1922 (3)
Fletcher v. Commonwealth, 1922 (2)
Fletcher v. Commonwealth, 1922
Mullins v. Commonwealth, 1922 (2)
Mullins v. Commonwealth, 1922
McQueen v. Commonwealth, 1922
Horace & Zade Norton v. Commonwealth, 1922
Commonwealth v. Davis, 1922 (2)
Commonwealth v. Davis, 1922
Winstead v. Commonwealth, 1922
Philpot v. Commonwealth, 1922 (coming soon)
Nicely, Admr of H. G. Howard v. Mary E. Howard, 1922
Bailey v. Commonwealth, 1922
Bullock, etc. v. Lawrence, 1921
L. & N. R. Co. v. Spears' Admr, 1921
Kelley v. Commonwealth, 1920
Owens v. Childress, et al., 1920
Bowles' Admr. v. Harvey, 1920
Rockcastle Co., et al. v. Norton, 1920
Doyle, et al. v. Cornett, et al., 1920
L. & N. R. Co. v. Quinn, 1920
Commonwealth v. Ward, et al., 1919
Fish, et al. v. Fish, et al., 1919
Cummins, et al. v. Mullins, 1919
L. & N. R. Co. v. Baker's Admr, 1919
Carter v. Howard, et al., 1919
W. J. Sparks Co. v. Cummins' Admr, 1919
Bordes v. Leece, 1919
Cox v. Commonwealth, 1918
L. & N. R. Co. v. Mullins' Admx, 1918
Helton v. Burdette, 1918
Bordes, et al. v. Leece, 1918
Pitman v. Nannie Doan & James Doan, 1917
L. & N. R. Co. v. Schneider, 1917
American Agricultural Chemical Co. v. McKinney, 1917
Cummins v. W. J. Sparks Co., 1917
Griffin v. Griffin, 1917
L. & N. R. Co. v. Kirby, 1917
Bethurum v. Baker, et al., 1915
Albright v. Ballard, Judge, et al., 1915
Kentucky Portland Cement & Coal Company v. Steckel, 1915
Adams, etc. v. Commonwealth, 1915
L. & N. R. Co. v. Johnson's Admx, 1914
Baker v. Bowman & Cockrell, et al., 1913
Roberts, et al. v. Menifee, et al., 1912
Pope v. Pope, 1912
Lyons Lumber Company v. Stewart, 1912
Bowman & Cockrell v. Baker, et al., 1912
Jones, Trustee, et al. v. Griffin, 1911
Tate, et al. v. Woodyard, 1911
Johnson v. Johnson, Fayette, 1911  (relates to Rockcastle)
Lewis, Wilson & Hicks v. Durham, 1911
Lewis v. Helton, 1911
Commonwealth v. L. & N. R. R. Co., 1911
L. & N. R. R. Co. v Hunt's Admr, et al., 1911
Commonwealth v. Smith, 1910
Fortney v. Commonwealth, 1910
Turpin v. Commonwealth, 1910
Lawrence v. Commonwealth, 1910
Western Union Telg. Co. v. Williams, 1910
L. & N. R. Co. v. Fish, 1910
Mullins v. Dees, 1910
Scroggins, &c. v. Nave, &c, 1909
Ireland, &c. v. Bowman & Cockrell, 1908
Gould Const. Co. v. Childers' Admr., 1908
Western Union Teleg. Co. v. Williams, 1908
Adams v. Commonwealth, 1907
L. & N. R. R. Co. v. Mink, 1907
Big Hill Coal Co. v. Abney's Admr, 1907
Green & Sons v. Pennington, 1906
L. & N. R. Co. v. Coyle, 1906
Phillips v. Stewart, 1906
Hellard v. Commonwealth, 1905
Kentucky Freestone Co. v. McGee, 1904
Bowman & Cockrell v. Dillion, 1903
L. & N. R. Co. v. Walton, 1902
L. & N. R. Co. v. Jones, 1899
Thompson v. Commonwealth, 1898
James v. Commonwealth, 1897
Miller v. Denny, &c., 1896
Evans, &c., v. Evans, 1892
Laurel County Court v. Trustees Laurel Seminary, 1892
J. M. Hunt, et al. v. A. T. Fish, 1886
Wilsey v. L. & N. R. R. Co., 1886
Willis Adams, et al. v. John K. McClary, 1885
Fish v. Hunt, 1884
Dan Quinn v. Commonwealth, 1883
H. Todd v. J. B. Kirby, et al., 1883
Isaac A. Stewart et al. v. L. & N. R. Co., 1883
Willis Adams et al. v. John K. McClary et al., 1883
William Gresham v. R. P. Gresham et al., 1882
L. & N. R. Co. v. John H. Wilson, 1881
Angeline Hackney, et al., v. L. & N. R. Co., 1880
Franklin Owsley v. Susan L. Owsley, 1880
C. Crooks & Co., et al., v. William R. Dillion, 1880
Kennedy v. The Commonwealth, 1880
Griffin v. Proctor's Adm'r, 1879
W. T. Brooks v. Commonwealth, 1878
William Barger v. Milton Cook, 1877
Nimrod Hicks v. John H. Todd, 1876
R. R. Hackney, et al., v. W. R. Dillan, et al., 1876
Bethuram v. Black, &c, 1876
Dillion v. Crook & Co., &c., 1875
T. M. & Marshall Wells v. Liberty Lacefield, 1873
Ben Gooden v. R. P. Gresham, 1873
James Smith v. Albert Allbright, etc., Garrard, 1873 (relates to Rockcastle)
A. J. Payne v. James Monk, etc., 1873
Sarah W. Dandridge v. Solomon Roberts, 1872
James S. Fish v. Eliza Hays, 1872
J. H. Todd v. Wm. Bacon, Garrard, 1872 (relates to Rockcastle)
Betsy Adams v. Commonwealth, 1871
Sowder & Denny v. Commonwealth, 1871
A. F. Butner et al. v. R. D. Cook, 1871
William Gresham v. Rich P. Gresham, 1871
A. Spurlock, Assignee, etc., v. Reuben Johnson, etc., 1871
Fred K. Hank v. Hiram Hank, 1870
Augusta Frederick v. B. K. Bethurem, &c., 1870
Sarah McCall v. James McCall's Heirs, 1870
M. P. Norcum v. Sarah Shivil, 1870
Sawyers, &c., vs. Langford, &c., 1869
W. P. Hyatt's Admr. v. A. Chestnut et al., 1869
Watts, &c., vs. Commonwealth, 1869
A. J. Payne v. James Houk, Admr., et al., 1868
Robert Snodgrass v. Charles Kirtly et al., 1868
John Sowder v. Moses Payne's Heirs, 1868
Stephens v. Brooks, Franklin, 1867 (relates to Rockcastle)
E. Smith v. Wm. Rodes et al., 1867
Smith v. Robinson et al., Louisville, 1866 (relates to Rockcastle)
Mershon, &c., v. Commonwealth, Franklin, 1859 (relates to Rockcastle)
Hawkins v. Lambert, &c., Madison, 1857 (relates to Rockcastle)
Clark v. Commonwealth, 1855
McClure v. McKey, 1853
Newcum v. Kirtley, 1852
Craig v. Gresham, 1851
Colyer's Adm'r. v. Craig & Smith, 1850
Commonwealth v. Branamon, 1848
Howke v. Buford, 1847
Commonwealth, for Russell v. Brassfield, 1847
Fish v. Branamon, 1842
Cook v. Colyer's Admr, 1841
Haley v. Palmer, 1840
Bryant's Heirs v. Hill & Others, 1839
Crawford v. Smith et al, 1838
Owens v. Snodgrass & Wife, 1838
Faris v. Kirtley, 1837
Stewart, &c. v. Wilson, 1837
Bright & Taylor v. Wagle & Elkin, 1835
Pollock v. Wilson, 1835
Snodgrass, &c. vs. Adams, 1832
Oldham, &c. v. Hill, 1832
Anderson &c. v. Miller &c., 1831
Smith &c. v. Davidson, 1831
Griffith v. Miller's Adm'rs, 1831
Toms v. Smith, 1831
Smith, &c. v. Fisher, 1830
Owsley v. Thurman, 1830
Langford's Heirs & Admrs v. Stuart, 1830
Crawford v. Beard, 1830
Nichols v. Hansel, 1830
Yantis v. Lyon, 1830
Dysart v. Logan, 1829
Meek's Heirs v. Ealy's Heirs, 1829
Wilson, etc., v. Kilburn, 1829
Yeizer v. Stone's Heirs, 1828
Peteet v. Owsley, 1828
Hammon and wife v. Pearl, and Pearl v. Hammon and wife, 1828
Anderson, etc., v. Perkins, 1827
Fish v. The Simmermans, 1827
Colyer v. Jackson, 1825
William Hodges v. Andrew Biggs, Fleming, 1820 (relates to Rockcastle)
John Colyer v. Langford's Admrs, 1818
Parsons v. Hand, 1816

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