May 31, 2015

KY Court of Appeals Opinions - McCreary County


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These are official opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals on civil and criminal cases appealed from the McCreary Circuit Court. The year following the case name is the year the appeal was heard by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and not necessarily the year the initial lower court trial occurred in the McCreary Circuit Court. This may not be every McCreary case heard by the Court of Appeals during this time period, but it is every one that appears on a certain legal research database.

As a general rule, if one of the parties is "Commonwealth," then it is a criminal case. Criminal cases are cases in which a person is charged with a crime. If the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not one of the parties, then it is a civil case. Civil cases are about wills, divorces, property, contracts, lawsuits, etc.  Many of these opinions contain a description of the facts of the case, and therefore may be of genealogical use to many visitors.

Anderson v. Commonwealth, 1922  *homicide
Hill v. Commonwealth, 1921  *homicide
Gregory v. Commonwealth, 1920 *willful and malicious shooting at another (duel)
Reynolds v. Commonwealth, 1919  *homicide
Waters v. Commonwealth, 1916  *homicide
In re Lay, Whitley, 1912 (McCreary related)

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