October 13, 2014

KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Pulaski County


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These are official opinions of the Kentucky Court of Appeals on civil and criminal cases appealed from the Pulaski Circuit Court. The year following the case name is the year the appeal was heard by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and not necessarily the year the initial lower court trial occurred in the Pulaski Circuit Court. This may not be every Pulaski case heard by the Court of Appeals during this time period, but it is every one found on a certain legal research database.

As a general rule, if one of the parties is "Commonwealth," then it is a criminal case. Criminal cases are cases in which a person is charged with a crime. If the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not one of the parties, then it is a civil case. Civil cases are about wills, divorces, property, contracts, etc.  Many of these opinions contain a description of the facts of the case, and therefore may be of genealogical use to many visitors.

There is a search box in the right column titled "Search This Blog" which you can use to search for a surname or other keyword. I plan to annotate this list eventually, but until that time please use that search box to help you.


City of Somerset v. Gainesboro Telephone Co., 1922
Newton v. Commonwealth, 1922
Commonwealth v. Chester & Killis Stringer, 1922
Shadoan v. Langdon, 1922
Dick, et al. v. Jasper, et al., 1922
Haynes v. Commonwealth, 1922
Jasper, et al. v. Compton, et al., 1922
County Board of Education of Pulaski Co. v. Jasper, 1921
Runyon, et al. v. Morrow, Judge, 1921
Anderson's Admr v. Darland, 1921
Johnson v. Mitchell, et al., 1921
Eastham, et al. v. Eastham, et al., 1921
Workman v. Workman, 1921
Gastineau v. McCoy, 1921
Hines, Director General of Railroads v. Denny, 1921
Watson v. Watson, et al., 1921
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. v. Golden, et al., 1920
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co. v. Heath, 1920
Girdler, an infant, by et al. v. Girdler, et al., 1919
Cain's Administrator v. Hubble, et al., 1919
C., N. O.& T. P. Ry Co., et al. v. Burton, 1919
McQueary v. McQueary, 1918
Trustees Presbyterian Church, Somerset, Kentucky v. Mize, 1918
Williams v. Davenport, et al., 1918
Wesley v. Wesley, 1918
Ashley v. Hays, et al., 1918
Commonwealth v. Weddle, 1917
Commonwealth v. Hubble, 1917
Commonwealth v. Burge, 1917
Osborn v. Osborn's Administratrix, et al., 1917
Anderson v. Burton, who sues for, et al., 1917
Johnson, et al. v. Gadberry, 1917
Taylor v. Commonwealth, Whitley Co., 1916 - Relates to Pulaski Co.
Commonwealth v. Delk, 1916
Perry v. Eagle Coal Co., 1916
Hays Creek Coal Co., et al v. Eagle Coal Co., 1916
Denton, et al. v. Pulaski County, et al., 1916
Jarboe's Admr v. Coleman, et al., 1916
Board Education Somerset Public Schools v. Graded Common School District No. 76, 1915
Meece, et al. v. Colyer, et al., 1915
Delk v. Commonwealth, 1915
Spotswood & Son v. Estes, 1915
Thompson v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., et al., 1915
Duncan v. Commonwealth, 1915
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co. v. Gardner, 1915
Waddle, et al. v. Wilson, 1915
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co. v. Guinn, 1915
Hogue, et al. v. Gibson, 1915
Standard Oil Co. v. Marlow, by et al., 1914
Dick v. Commonwealth, 1914
Gossett v. Commonwealth, 1914
Hail, et al. v. Gragg, et al., 1914
Mitchell-Taylor Tie Co. v. Whitaker, 1914
Sullivan v. Commonwealth, 1914
Berge v. Commonwealth, 1914
Osborne's Admr v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., 1914
Flynn v. Barnes, et al., 1913
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., et al. v. Winningham's Admr, 1913
Haynes, et al. v. Strunk, et al., McCreary Co., 1913 - Relates to Pulaski Co.
Chaney v. R. C. Tartar, County Judge, et al., 1913
Corder's Admr v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., et al., 1913
Gover, et al. v. Newton, et al., 1913
McElwaine v. Commonwealth, Wayne Co., 1913Relates to Pulaski Co.
Roberts, et al. v. Calhoun, 1913
Hudson v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., 1913
Sutton v. Catron, 1913
Cumberland Grocery Co. v. Baugh's Admr., 1913
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co. v. Mullane's Admr., 1913
Acton v. Smith, 1912
Standard Oil Co., et al. v. Marlow, by Next Friend, 1912
Ping, et al. v. Keith, et al., 1912
McClendon v. Tompkins, et al., 1912
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co., et al. v. Troxell, et al., 1912
Roberts v. Calhoun, 1912 (seeRoberts, et al. v. Calhoun, 1913)
Ellis v. Commonwealth, 1912
Haynes' Admx. v. C., N. O. & T, P. Ry. Co., 1912
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., & Sam Gossett v. Terrence McElroy, 1912
Haynes' Admrs. v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., et al., 1911
Barnett v. Bauer Cooperage Co., 1911
The Bauer Cooperage Co. v. The C. L. Tartar Co., 1911
King v. The Eagle Coal Co., 1911
Caddell v. The Eagle Coal Co., 1911
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co., et al. v. Troxell, et al., 1911
Allen v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co., 1911
Griffin, Mayor, et. al. v. Powell, 1911
Chicago Veneer Co. et al. v. Jones., 1911
Reid v. Reid, 1911
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co., et al. v. Lovell's Admr., 1911
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry Co. v. Lovell's Admr., 1910
Kammerer v. Commonwealth, 1910 (2)
Combast v. Commonwealth, 1910
Kammerer v. Commonwealth, 1910
Mahoning Coal Co. v. Dowling, et al., 1910
Frye v. McKinley, 1909
Ellison, &c. v. Langdon, 1909
Mason, Hanger & Coleman Co. v. Kennison, 1909
Mason, Hanger & Coleman Co. v. Henry, 1909
Bishop, et al. v. Van Winkle, et al., 1909
Sumner v. Griffin, &c., 1908
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co. v. Gillispie, 1908
Lee v. Western Union Teleg. Co., 1908
Morrison v. Price, &c., 1908
Commonwealth v. Landis, 1908
Poynter, &c., v. Phelps, &c., 1908
Somerset W., L. & T. Co. v. Hyde, 1908
C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co. v. Evans' Admr., 1908
Gragg v. Home Insurance Co. of New York, 1908
Randall v. Western Union Telg. Co., 1908
Bowerman & Co. v. Taylor, 1908
Tomas v. Cincinnati, N. O. & T. P. Ry. Co., &c., 1907
Newton, Etc., v. Ogden, Etc., 1907
Brucker v. Gainesboro Telephone Co., 1907
Tuggles v. Commonwealth, 1907
Elrod v. Gastineau, 1907
Pulaski County v. City of Somerset, 1907
Ben Huffaker v. Commonwealth, Lyon Co., 1906Relates to Pulaski Co.
Eaton v. Commonwealth, 1906
Hyden v. Perkins, &c., 1904
Kentucky Lumber Co. v. Smith, 1904
Sievers, et al. v. Martin, et al., 1904
Shadoan's Adm'r v. Cincinnati, N. O. & T. P R. Co., 1904
Chicago Veneer Co. v. Walden, 1904
Commonwealth v. Smith, 1904
Wilson v. Alpine Coal Co., 1904
U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Board of Ed. of Somerset Pub. Grad. School, 1904
Cooper v. Lankford, &c., 1904
Pulaski County v. Sears, 1904
Campbellsville Lumber Co. v. E. R. Spotswood & Son, 1903
Burnside & C. R. Ry. Co. v. Tupman, 1903
Western Union Telegraph Co. v. Parsons, 1903
King, et al. v. Ballou, 1903
Stephenson v. Stephenson, 1903
Helton, et al. v. Central Trust & Safe Deposit Co., 1902
Wait &c. v. Commonwealth, 1902
Pulaski County v. Elrod, et al., 1902
Greer Machinery Co. v. Sears, &c., 1902
Kidd v. Central Trust & Safe Deposit Co., 1901
City of Somerset v. Somerset Banking Co., 1900
Tennessee Paving Brick Co. v. Barker, &c.; Same v. Williams, 1900
Hatchell, et. al. v. Chew, et al., 1900
Cooper v. Jackson, 1900
Nevels et al. v. Kentucky Lumber Co., 1900
Shadoan, et. al. v. Keeney, 1900
Fox v. Somerset Odd Fellows Hall & Auditorium Co., et al., 1900
Norfleet's Adm'r v. Logan, 1900
Turner v. Howell, 1899
Harris, et al. v. McClure, 1899
Cundiff v. Trimble, 1899
Faulkner v. Keeney, 1899
Cooper v. Wait, Treasurer, 1899
Lane, etc. v. Lane, etc., 1899
Pulaski County v. John H. Watson, Sheriff; Same v. Hart, 1899
The Hauser, Brenner & Fath Company v. Tate & Company, 1899
City of Somerset v. Smith, 1899
Dawson, Blackmore & Co. v. Elrod, 1899
Hughes v. Carl, etc., 1899
Smith, Etc. v. Patton, Etc., 1898
Wellenvoss, etc. v. The Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias of Kentucky, 1898
McKee v. C., N. O. & T. P. Ry. Company's Receiver, 1897
Lynn v. Hall, 1897
Lane and Wife v. Bryant, 1896
Commonwealth v. Heath, 1896
Commonwealth v. Wickersham, 1896
Green, Huffaker & Co. v. Taylor & Son, 1895
Fugate v. City of Somerset, 1895
Commonwealth v. Lon Barnett and H. A. Hutton, 1894
Doolin, &c., v. Commonwealth, 1893
Colyer v. Hyden, &c., 1893
Cincinnati, &c., R. Co. v. Barker, &c., 1893
Higgins v. Commonwealth, 1893
Bryant's Adm'r v. Dungan, 1892
Commonwealth v. Pulaski Co. Agricultural and Mechanical Ass'n, 1891
Hughes v. Cincinnati, &c., Railroad Company, 1891
Cleveland Coal Company v. Sloan & Dick, 1890
Wilson v. Jasper, 1890
Wolfe, &c., v. McHargue, Sheriff, 1889
Johnson v. Kessler, &c., 1888
Anderson v. Cincinnati Southern Railway, 1887
C. A. Zachary's Admr. v. S. & M. E. Hicks, 1886
Wesley Clark, et al. v. Granville Roberts, et al., 1886
F. W. Huskinson, et al. v. Dunigan, et al., 1885
Alvin O. Roberts v. Davidson, 1885
Bruce's Adm'r v. Cincinnati R. R. Co., 1885
Lucy Richardson et al. v. John Hunt et al., 1884
Slagel v. The Commonwealth, 1883
D. F. Epperson v. Robert Graves, 1882
J. F. Barker v. Paralee Barker, 1881
Burdine, &c., v. Pettus, 1881
S. H. Pearcy v. J. W. Heath, 1880
Crate Owens v. Commonwealth, 1880
Strubbee v. The Trustees Cincinnati Railway, 1880
John C. Love v. G. P. Harrison, et al., 1880
Holt v. Turpin, 1880
Mize v. Barnes, 1880
Jane Rayburn, et al., v. William Newell, et al., 1880
Cincinnati Southern Railway Company v. Potts Bros., 1879
Samuel Tate v. John S. Kendrick, et al., 1878
M. Cummins v. John Fitzgerald, 1878
Amanda F. Goggin, Ex'x, v. Parthenia E. Hutchison, 1878 (2)
Amanda F. Goggin, Ex'x, v. Parthenia E. Hutchinson, 1878
William Stotts v. Samuel Cundiff, et al., 1877
Newell, Sloan, Jones, &c. v. National Bank of Somerset, 1876
R. S. Hudson, et al., v. Thomas S. Hudson, et al., 1876
Thomas Z. Morrow v. Henry R. Clouch, et al., 1874
Solomon Turpin v. James Hail et al., 1873
W. H. Logan v. Solomon Johnson, 1873
Barber & Dick v. John H. Black, 1873
Thos. W. Paschal v. W. S. Sheppard, 1873
Robt. C. Alexander, etc., v. Joseph B. Newell, 1872
Peter S. Smith, etc., v. Mike Snowden's Adm'r., 1872
John Price v. William Lane, 1872
Bush v. Williams, 1869
W. E. Surber, v. Henry P. Floyd & Ford, 1868
Ballow v. Pettus, &c., 1868
Jesse C. Flynn v. Thos. Hart, 1868
Dye v. Commonwealth, 1867
Jno. M. James et al v. W. D. Black, 1867
W. N. Owens v. F. M. Cox, 1867
Owens v. Hudson, 1866
P. Rothchild v. J. P. Floyd, 1866
Fred Lee v. Commonwealth, 1866
Hanby, &c., v. Logan, 1864
Colyer, &c., v. Higgins, &c., 1863
Nikirk v. Nikirk, 1861
Baker v. Smith, 1860
Vickery, &c., v. Lanier, &c., 1858
Neal, etc., v. Elliott, 1857
Richardson, etc. v. Hayden, etc., 1857
Love v. Harris, etc., 1857
Cowan, Etc. v. Campbell's Admr, 1856
Andrews v. Word, 1856
Sanders' Executors v. Sanders, 1851
Owens, Beatty, Carneal, &c., v. Cowen's Heirs, 1846
Hunt v. Fox, &c., 1845
Commonwealth v. Griffin, 1842
Woodard v. Fitzpatrick, 1841
Reynolds v. Sallee, 1841
Warren et al. v. Lewis, 1840
Fletcher and Sharp v. Ferrel, 1840
Woodard v. Fitzpatrick and Woodcock, 1839
Jasper v. Hamilton, et al., 1835
Henderson v. Stringer, 1834
Cundiff v. Zachary's Executor, 1833
Griffin v. Hedrick, 1832
Waggoner v. Minter, et al., 1832
Bledsoe v. Martin, 1831
Gilbert White v. White's Heirs, 1831
Evans and Love v. Wait, 1830
James' Heirs & Exr's v. McKinsey, 1830
Fitzgerald v. Barker, 1830
Crane v. Prather, et. al., 1830
Hugh v. James, 1830

Craig v. Martin, 1829 - dispute over land transaction/title
names mentioned: Andrew Craig, Zaddock Martin, John Logan, Joseph Welsh, John Ballinger, Richard Ballinger, Michael Myers, [?] Patton, [?] Hackley, [?] Greenhow

Doss v. Cooper, &c., 1829 - dispute over land transaction/title
names mentioned: [?] Doss, [?] Cooper, [?] Sallee, [?] Fitzpatrick

Barrow v. Jones, 1829 - civil dispute, unspecified
names mentioned: [?] Barrow, [?] Jones, [?] Cooper

Brown v. M'Kee's Representatives, 1829 - dispute over land tract on Cumberland River
names mentioned: John Brown, Samuel M'Kee/McKee,

Belshe v. Barrett, 1827 - dispute over land transaction/title
names mentioned: [?] Belshe, [?] Barrett

Hughes v. McKinsey, 1827 - dispute over land transaction/title
names mentioned: John Hughes, Alexander McKinsey, Lacey McKinsey, Moses Hanks, Robert Boyd

Free Frank and Lucy v. Denham's Ad'mr, 1826 and Free Frank and Lucy v. Denham's Admr, 1824 - dispute over a debt, but the case also involves competency of freedpersons to be married, "Whilst in a state of slavery, we admit that persons of color are incapable of contracting marriage...but immediately upon being emancipated, the restraint which was imposed upon their will and actions, by their bondage, is removed"
names mentioned: Free Frank, Free Lucy, William Denham

Hughes v. The Bank of Somerset, 1824 - dispute over bank note
names mentioned: [?] Hughes

Mattox v. Oldham, 1824 - dispute over land title
names mentioned: [?] Mattox, [?] Oldham, Isham Faris

Turpin, et al. v. Scott, 1824 - civil dispute, unspecified
names mentioned: [?] Turpin, [?] Jones, [?] Scott

Cundiff v. Hail et al., 1820 - dispute over land transaction/title near Pitman Creek
names mentioned: George Cundiff, Jonathan Cundiff, John Cundiff, Thomas Hail, James Eastham Sr., James Eastham Jr., Philip/Phillip Turpin, John Smith, Thomas Todd

Smith, an infant, v. Surber, 1820 assault and battery case; "the play is not worth the candle"
names mentioned: [?] Smith, [?] Surber

Dungan v. Godsey, 1820 - assault and battery case
names mentioned: George Dungan/Duncan, Samuel Godsey

Carter v. Kilburn, 1819 - improper venue appeal; bastardy case
names mentioned:  Shadrack Carter, Nancy Kilburn

Broadhead et al. v. M'Alister, 1819 - dispute over land survey/patent
names mentioned: Joseph M'Alister/McAlister

Prather v. Norflet, 1818 - dispute over slave transaction
names mentioned:  John Prather, David Norflet/Norfleet

Patterson v. Matthews, et al, 1813 - dispute over trespassing
names mentioned: Glover Matthews, Nancy Matthews, Nathaniel Matthews, Elizabeth Wilson

Colyer vs. Hutchings's Executor, 1811 - dispute over horse transaction
names mentioned: John M'Cullough/McCullough

Casky v. January, 1808 - dispute over debt
names mentioned: [?] Casky, [?] January

Jasper, et al. v. Quarles, 1808 - dispute over ownership of land by settlers predating separation of Kentucky from Virginia; based on the Jasper name and the date, I believe this case deals with the initial settlers and founding of Somerset
names mentioned: Andrew Jasper, [?] Quarles

Mills v. Pulaski Circuit Court, 1807 - dispute regarding removal from office of Mr. Mills as county attorney
names mentioned: [?] Mills

Taul v. Moore, 1807 - dispute over debt
names mentioned: [?] Taul, [?] Moore

Bridges v. Hardgrove, 1802 - dispute over land transaction/title
names mentioned: Absalom Bridges, Valentine Hardgrove

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