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  • 1900's  (83)

  • 1900  (6)

    • ♦ William Stivers[?] Kills Charles Tarter
      Pulaski County. 1900. 3 sources.
      Names Mentioned: Charles Tarter, William Stivers[?], L. B. Stivers, G. P. Aderholdt, Robert Munsey, Nancy Hunley, Phoebe King, Epsey Sellers

    • ♦ Woman Kills Her Husband's Mistress, Daughter is Accomplice
      Flat Rock, southern Pulaski County. 14 August 1900. 12 sources.
      "Mrs. Serepta Sellers was decoyed from her home, waylaid, beaten with a club and shot and killed with a revolver by Mrs. Nancy Hunley and her daughter, Phoebe King. Mrs. Hunley's husband had been in the habit of sending his young son with messages to meet him clandestinely, and in this manner the woman was decoyed to her death..." Also includes an editorial about the legal defense of the "unwritten law," essentially the right to protect one's family from "wreckers of domestic peace," and how it unfairly applies to male but not female defendants.
      Names Mentioned: Serepta "Epsey" Sellers, Nancy Hunley, Phoebe King, Miles Hunley, Deputy Sheriff Hale, Deputy Marshal Coleman, J. D. Croft, R. D. Hughes, Governor Beckham, Harry Bishop, James B. Davis, Squire J. F. Barker

    • ♦ Jack C. Watkins Kills Sam Gaines in Argument Over Girl
      East Bernstadt, Laurel County. September 1900. 4 sources.
      Names Mentioned: Sam Gaines, Jack C. Watkins, Governor Beckham

    • ♦ Hotel Proprietor Kills One of His Employees
      Catchings Hotel, London, Laurel County. Last week of October 1900. 12 sources.
      "C. J. McLear, proprietor of the Catchings hotel, shot and instantly killed Sam Rogers, his colored porter. Rogers had been drinking and was ordered to leave by McLear. He refused to go and was shot down in the dining room..."
      Names Mentioned: Clifton J. McLear, Sam Rogers

    • ♦ L. R. Jones Kills Tom Modrell
      Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. 26 October 1900. 2 sources.
      "L. R. Jones shot and killed Tom Modrell, colored, near the depot at this place Friday. Modrell was attempting to cut Jones with a knife. Jones surrendered."
      Names Mentioned: L. R. Jones, Tom Modrell, R. G. Jones

    • ♦ G. P. Aderholdt Kills Robert Munsey
      Bronston, Pulaski County. 5 November 1900. 3 sources.
      "In a political row... G. P. Alderholt shot and killed Robert Munsey, whom he mistook for Green Flynn..."
      Possibly Related: Jesse Williams killed by Green Flynn (Pulaski, 1904)
      Names Mentioned: Robert Munsey, G. P. Aderholdt, Green Flynn, William Stivers, Charles Tarter, Nancy Hunley, Phoebe King, Epsey Sellers

  • 1901  (10)
    • ♦ Shootout Victim's Relatives Retaliate With Dynamite
      Corbin, Whitley County. 16 January 1901. 9 sources.
      "About 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon James Shotwell and Rollie White met in front of Hagan's drug store and began quarreling.  Few words were spoken when White drew a pistol and fired three shots into the body of Shotwell."
      Names Mentioned: James Shotwell, Rolla White, John Shotwell, Charles Shotwell, E. R. White, Susan Cox, William Harp, Sutton Farris, R. D. Williams

    • /♦ Death of Man Possibly Crushed By Train Investigated as Murder
      near Livingston, Rockcastle County. Last week in January 1901. 8 sources.
      "Judge P. D. Colyer went to Livingston Tuesday to investigate the killing of Henry Idol.  An inquest was held but the jury was dismissed until next Monday when they will meet again and hear some further evidence before rendering a decision.  While it is possible that he was hit by a train, yet it is hardly thought that that is the way his death came about..."
      Names Mentioned: Henry Idol, Hi Cox, Jerry Lakes/Lax, P. D. Colyer, H. L. Tate, William Cunnagim, D. Ash

    • ♦ Man Shoots & Kills Neighbor in Boat Crossing Rockcastle River
      Rockcastle River near London-Somerset Road, Laurel County. 24 April 1901. 5 sources.
      "Jim Mize shot and killed 'Little' Elishua Whitaker Wednesday.  Whitaker was in a boat on the Rockcastle river and Mize was hid behind a tree on the Laurel county side."
      Related: Genealogy Report of Elisha Whitaker 18 sources.
      Names Mentioned: Elisha Whitaker, James Mize, Humphrey Mize, Elizabeth Mize, Emma Whitaker, George W. "Dud" Whitaker, Johnny Whitaker, William Arthur, Robert Cooper, Albert Teague, John McQueen, Walter McQueen

    • ♦ Shooting Affray at Catchings Hotel
      London, Laurel County. May 1901. 7 sources.
      "John Whitmore, a white porter at the Catching Hotel at London, shot and fatally wounded Ed Perdee, a stone mason."
      Names Mentioned: John Whitmore, Ed Perdee, H. P. Warden

    • ♦ Hampton Mize Kills Robert Whitaker
      Jack Norton’s store, Big Skaggs Creek, Rockcastle County. 29 August 1901. 6 sources.
      Names Mentioned: Robert "Bob" Whitaker, Hampton "Hamp" Mize, Jack Norton, C. C. Williams

    • ♦ Man Killed Over Craps Game During Laurel County Fair
      London, Laurel County. First half of September 1901. 10 sources.
      "On the day of the killing, Ab. Early, Joe Harp, and William Underwood were engaged in playing at a game of dice or craps, which it, perhaps, would be more than flattery to call a game of chance. There were a good many others engaged in the game, and it is not clear who owned and controlled it, although there is evidence conducing to show that Underwood and his companions were its operators. Ed. Jones and a man by the name of T. J. McQueen, Sr., were standing near, watching the play. Jones asked McQueen to drop a quarter into the game for him, which was done, and the money lost, it being taken by Early. McQueen then said, substantially, “Come away, boys, they are playing with loaded dice,” whereupon Ab. Early sprang to his feet..."
      Names Mentioned: Abner Early, Joe Harp, William Underwood, Ed. Jones, T. J. McQueen, Sr., A. B. Riley, E. H. Johnson, Sam C. Hardin, N. B. Hays, Loraine Mix

    • ♦ Man Hires Boy to Kill Two Women Who Had Threatened His Wife
      Lily, Laurel County. 15 September 1901. 10 sources.
      "He confessed that he killed Mrs. Nealman and said he snapped his gun at her sister, Mary Favors, but the weapon hung fire.  The boy said his brother-in-law, Dick Stringer, had hired him to kill them, because, he said, they had threatened to kill his wife..."
      Names Mentioned: Maggie Neatman/Nealman[?], Thomas Brown, Dick Stringer, Lizzie Stringer, Quince Moore, Joel Williams, Judge Stansbury, E. S. Robbins

    • ♦ Man Kills His Wife's Admirer
      Somerset, Pulaski County. 4 October 1901. 10 sources.
      "Davis was in Bishop's house talking to his wife and mother-in-law when the defendant entered the room, pistols in both hands, and immediately began firing..."
      Names Mentioned: James B. Davis, Harry Bishop, W. C. Davis, J. F. Barker, Epsey Sellers

    • ♦ Samuel McClendon Kills Robert Johnson
      Wayne County line, Pulaski County. First week of November 1901.
      See: Young Girl Killed in Saloon Raid.

    • ♦ Young Girl Killed in Saloon Raid
      McClendon's saloon, Wayne County line, Pulaski County. 5 November 1901. 3 sources.
      Samuel McClendon confesses to killing Robert Johnson and is placed in jail.  Meanwhile, a mob raids McClendon's saloon, and his young daughter is killed by gunfire...
      Names Mentioned: Samuel McClendon, Robert Johnson/Johnston

  • 1902  (3)
    • ♦ Sanford Isaacs Kills Lige (Elisha?) Reece
      Rockcastle County? 1902? 1 source.
      "Sanford Isaacs who has served a five year sentence in the State prison for the killing of Lige Reece, is out on parole and is in very poor health."

    • ♦ Brothers Shoot Two German Farmers Through the Neck
      Dogwood Springs, Laurel County. 8 April 1902. 3 sources.
      "It was learned that the two murdered men, German farmers, named Rudolph Kaenzig and Julius Warren, had quarreled with the Boone boys Tuesday morning, at which time the later were seen at Kaenzig's home under the influence of whisky..."
      Names Mentioned: Julius Warren, Rudolph Kaenzig, Enos Boone, Jenks Boone

    • ♦ William Tink Mullins Kills Dan Scott
      Mullins Station, Rockcastle County. 4 August 1902. 12 sources.
      For all the articles I have gathered on the murders of Dan Scott and James Maret Singleton, there is very little information as to the motive(s) of either.  William Tink Mullins kills Dan Scott in Rockcastle in August 1902, is convicted of manslaughter June 1903 and sentenced to 9 years prison.  However, before that trial takes place, he kills James M. Singleton in January 1903 in Jackson county. He is convicted in that case as well and sentenced to an additional 13 years prison. Despite 22 years of combined prison sentence (assuming consecutive sentencing), Mullins is paroled in 1908.
      Possibly RelatedMan Killed in Row After Purchasing Moonshine (Laurel, 1919)
      Names Mentioned: William Tink Mullins, Dan Scott, James Maret Singleton, Richard Singleton, H. J. Mullins, Frank Mullins, Wyatt Allen, Frank Mullins, Willis Allen, William Cunagim, N. B. Hays, Loraine Mix, William Robinson, Ambrose Williams, Henry Hellard, Isaac Lainhart, Walter Mullins, Greely Mize, Alex Allen, Cleo Mullins, P. T. Hoskins, U. G. Baker

  • 1903  (8)
    • ♦ William Tink Mullins Kills James Maret Singleton
      Jackson County. 19 January 1903. 
      See: William Tink Mullins Kills Dan Scott.
      Possibly Related: Man Killed in Row After Purchasing Moonshine (Laurel, 1919)

    • ♦ Man Chases Another with Axe, Fatal Gunfight Ensues
      Big Hill or Cooksburg, Rockcastle County. February 1903. 13 sources.
      This fight related to one man testifying against the other in a moonshining case. "Then the deceased threw the gun down and walked slowly to appellant's gate, picked up the ax, went into appellant's yard after him, with the ax raised in a striking position, and ran him around the house once or twice. Appellant, as he ran, fired two or three shots at deceased, the last one killing him..."
      Names Mentioned: Abe Drew, Henry Hellard, J. J. Drew, Ralph Drew, Richard Johnson, R. M. Johnson, J. S. Langford, Geo. Ketron, Jack Burke, George Parsons, Thomas Taylor Jr., Thos. Taylor Sr., W. D. Mullins, W. D. Levisay, Thos. Mink, J. D. Hamm, John Cummins, Geo. Proctor, C. C. Williams, N. B. Hays, Loraine Mix

    • ♦ Man Killed, Bystander Wounded in Drunken Fight
      William's Siding, Pulaski County. First week of April 1903. 6 sources.
      "King was standing in a crowd of several persons, when Heiton walked close to the crowd and began abusing King.  He drew his pistol, a .44 Smith & Wesson, loaded with Colts cartridges, and opened fire on King..."
      Names Mentioned: John/Columbus[?] King, Joe Love, Beatty Hyden/Heiton[?], A. M. Girdler, T. E. Wesley, Judge Cooper, Bill Morrow, T. Z. Morrow, A. T. Martin

    • ♦ Two Men Killed, One Injured in Road Ambush
      Bernstadt, Laurel County. 1 June 1903. 3 sources.
      "The survivor stated that he was riding some distance behind the two men when he heard shots fired.  As he came up to where his brother and Farmer lay dead in the road some persons in the bushes near the roadside fired upon him..."
      Names Mentioned: John Farmer, Walter Whitaker

    • ♦ Two Killed, One Injured in Churchyard Shootout
      Mt. Union Church, Wayne County. August 1903. 3 sources.
      "A desperate fight occurred at Mt. Union church, this county, between Granville Taber and Lee Rector on one side and Amos Ackle and his son Dock on the other, in which both the Ackles were shot and killed and Pierce Hubbard, a bystander, perhaps fatally wounded."
      Names Mentioned: Granville Taber, Lee/Eph Rector, Amos Ackle/Acre/Acrey, Dock Ackle/Acre/Acrey, William Ackle/Acre/Acrey, Pierce Hubbard

    • ♦ Deadly Shootout at Crowded Mt. Victory Camp Meeting
      Mt. Victory, Pulaski County. 6 September 1903. 5 sources.
      "After the shooting had ceased and while the men lay dead and dying on the ground in front of the church edifice, the minister was praying over one of the prostrate forms, when one of the opposite side walked up and knocked the minister's hat off with the muzzle of a long barreled pistol, admonishing him to move away..."
      Names Mentioned: Charles Richmond, Tweed Richmond, William Bolton, John Smith, Columbus Garrison

    • ♦ Daniel Selby Kills Thomas Black
      Pittsburg, Laurel County. 18 September 1903. 7 sources.
      "On the day the killing occurred, about 12 or 15 persons had been drinking beer from kegs which had been hauled out from a brewery situated in the town of Pittsburg, Ky., to a place in the woods. ... Appellant had a pistol, and on one or two occasions he had it exposed, and spoke of its being a good one. He also boasted of his manhood and his ability as a wrestler. About this time he took his seat on the ground near where Thomas Black was drawing beer and handing it out to the crowd. Most of the witnesses say that he then had the pistol in his hand. The deceased, Black, remarked to him: “Dan, don't handle that pistol in that way. You might shoot me in the back."
      Names Mentioned: Thomas Black, Daniel Selby, Andrew Patterson, [?] Feltner, Dr. Givens

    • ♦ L. & N. Railroad Master Mechanic Kills Master of Trains
      Livingston, Rockcastle County. 25 October 1903. 11 sources.
      "Mount Vernon, Ky., Oct. 26-- Master of Trains B. N. Roller was shot and killed Sunday afternoon by A. N. Bentley, master mechanic.  Both were employees of the Louisville and Nashville railroad, on the Knoxville division.  There were no witnesses to the tragedy. ... The men had long been enemies..."
      Names Mentioned: B. N. Roller, A. N. Bentley, L. M. Westerfield, J. A. Mudd, John H. Coffey, F. M. Ponder, W. D. Livesay, F. M. Hurst, W. A. Taylor, Mose McNew, Thos. Mink, R. L. Bray, A. C. Towery, Thomas Taylor Sr., Geo. Howell, William Brumett, C. C. Williams, Judge T. Z. Morrow, J. R. Cook, J. W. Brown, S. D. Lewis, L. W. Behurum, J. N. Sharp, James Sims, John Sam Owsley, Sam Ward, John Mullins, W. C. Mullins, Carrie Morris

  • 1904  (7)
    • ♦ Railroad Telegraph Operator Assassinated
      Danville Depot, Boyle County. 4 February 1904. 32 sources.
      "W. B. Rucker, night, telegraph operator and ticket agent at the Queen and Crescent depot in this city, was found dead on a telegraph table with a bullet hole in his head at 11:20 o'clock to-night by passengers who had come to board the train for the South..."
      Names Mentioned: William Benton Rucker, I. C. Rucker,

    • ♦ Gunshot Victim's Body Placed on Railroad Tracks to Conceal Crime
      near Lynn Camp Creek, Laurel/Whitley County Line. 21 May 1904. 2 sources.
      "It is not known what caused the shooting, but after Bryant had been killed his body was placed on the railroad track for the purpose of making it appear that the train had run over and killed him.  The engineer of the train, however, saw the body in time to stop the engines before the body was crushed to pieces..."
      Names Mentioned: Pascal/Paschal Bryant, George Newman, Bert Catron, Laura Newcomb, Mariah/Maria Hood Newman, Henry Carr, J. C. Floyd, James Sparks, N. B. Hays, C. H. Morris

    • ♦ One Killed, Two Bystanders Injured in Street Duel
      William's Siding, Pulaski County. First week of August 1904. 3 sources.
      "In a desperate duel ... Jesse Williams was shot to death by Green Flynn.  Williams was a leading lumberman and Flynn is also prominent.  Eight shots were fired into his head..."
      Names Mentioned: Jesse Williams, Green Flynn

    • ♦ Underground Saloon Raided in Pulaski
      William's Siding, Pulaski County. 7 September 1904. 2 sources.
      "After the Sheriff had made the arrests, explored the two joints and taken his departure, the good citizens of that locality turned out en masse, formed themselves into a vigilante committee and made a raid on the buildings..."
      Names Mentioned: Ben P. Hines

    • ♦ Grudge Ends in Deadly Road Shootout
      Nancy, Pulaski County. 25 September 1904. 6 sources.
      "James Pearce and Simpson Burton met in the road near Nancy, Ky., this county, and engaged in a fight in which Burton was shot three times, dying instantly.  Burton had previously snapped his pistol on Pearce, but it failed to fire.  The fight was the result of an old grudge..."
      Names Mentioned: James Pearce/Pierce, Simpson Burton, Ed Hughes, Henderson Vanover

    • ♦ Son Kills Father at Dinner Table
      East Bernstadt, Laurel County. 2 November 1904. 7 sources.
      "Witnesses testified that on the evening Green was killed he had told the family to prepare to eat their last supper, for after they had eaten together he would kill them all..."
      Names Mentioned: Milton Green, Charles Green, Lev Philpot, James Mullins, William Underwood, Edward Jones, Nat Helton, Earl Fletcher, David Fletcher, C. N. Scovill, Burrell Smith

    •  Rockcastle Sheriff Candidates Draw Straws to Determine Winner
      Rockcastle County. 25 November 1904. 1 source.
      "...it was a tie vote, and owing to the irregularity in many precincts, neither candidate was willing to stand a contest, so it was agreed to draw straws for who would be sheriff, the unlucky candidate to be a deputy..."
      Names Mentioned: R. L McFerron, G. S. Griffin, John Robins, J.T. Nicely, Reubin Abney, D. G. Clark

  • 1905  (11)
    • ♦ Elza Langford Kills Tom Rose
      Brush Creek, Rockcastle County. 25 February 1905. 3 sources.
      "Elza Langford shot and killed Tom Rose, near Orlando last Saturday.  The trouble was the result an old grudge which had existed between them for several years.  Langford telephoned to the authorities Sunday morning that he would come in the next morning and surrender which he did, and his examining trial is set for to-day.  There is only one eye witness, Mrs. P. W. Clark..."
      RelatedKillings of Henry Langford, John Pickens, & James Langford, 1870-1879
      RelatedElection Day Shootout Involves Sheriff, Causes Langford/Mullins Feud 
      RelatedFormer Deputy Sheriff Shoots Man (Elza Langford) in Head, Man Survives
      Names Mentioned: Elza Langford, Tom Rose, Mrs. P. W. Clark

    • ♦ Pulaski County Jailer Kills Prisoner Attempting Escape
      County Jail, Somerset, Pulaski County. 6 March 1905. 4 sources.
      "Ingram made a fierce assault on the jailer when he entered the jail, knocking Hines down and almost affecting his escape..."
      Names Mentioned: Frank Hines, Grant Ingram, Deputy Sheriff Elrod, William B. Rucker, Chief of Police Hughes, Sergeant Crawley, Bill Newcomb, [?] Wilson
      SeeRailroad Telegraph Operator Assassinated, Boyle, 1904

    • ♦ Drunken Row at Roadside Keg Results in Gunfight
      Pittsburg, Laurel County. Middle of March 1905. 6 sources.
      "...Zach Ward dropped the keg, and they all stopped.  This was about the railroad, and some steps from where they had started.  Hall says that at this juncture he heard somebody say, 'George and Zach Ward, take care of yourselves!' that he looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a man with a gun presented at him..."
      Related: Feud Battle at Restaurant.
      Names Mentioned: Zach Ward, Daniel Miller, George Ward, William Miller, Eli Hall

    • ♦ Feud Battle at Restaurant
      Landrum's Restaurant, Pittsburg, Laurel County. 15 April 1905. 6 sources.
      "Fully 50 shots were exchanged and the place was riddled with bullets..." "...appellant stated that 'the trouble had just begun;' that they had as well dig up the balance of the grave yard..."
      Related: Drunken Row at Roadside Keg Results in Gunfight.
      Names Mentioned: Jeff Goff, Joe B. Landrum, Frank Ward, Dan Miller, William Miller, Zach Ward, George Ward, Eli Hall, Judge O'Rear, Sam C. Hardin

    • ♦ Eugene Rufus Spires Kills Henry Lovings
      near Mt. Pleasant church, Rockcastle County. 30 May 1905. 7 sources.
      "On the 30th May near Mt. Pleasant church, Eugene Spires shot and killed Col. Lovings. The trouble originated between these young men a long while ago, which led up to the killing. The parties to the tragedy were not grown. Spires has fled. He and Lovings lived in Pulaski county. From my best information neither party was wholly in the wrong. The killing occurred in Rockcastle."

    • ♦ Pulaski Farmer Slain By Tenant
      Shopville, Pulaski County. First week of June 1905. 3 sources.
      "The men quarreled when King found Randall near his house and a shotgun was used..."
      Names Mentioned: Fount Randall, Roscoe Ping

    • ♦ John H. Young Kills Elisha Brown
      western Pulaski County. June/July 1905. 1 source.
      "In the portion of Pulaski county known as "west of Fishing creek" John H. Young shot and killed Elisha Brown. The motive of the attack is so far a mystery."
      Names Mentioned: John H. Young, Elisha Brown

    • ♦ Man Kills Another Over Minor Insult at Laurel County Fair
      Laurel County. End of August 1905.
      Virgil Bowers sentenced to life in prison for killing George Farris. "Bowers shot Farris because he failed to speak to him after he had spoken to Farris, saying: 'I'll make you speak.' The men were strangers."
      See: Man Convicted of Murder Lynched by Mob

    • Edward Childers Kills Alex Bowman, Sr.
      Pulaski County. October 1905. 1 source.
      "Returning home this afternoon, Childers and Bowman got into a heated argument over some trivial matter, which lasted until they arrived near the home of Bowman.  There it was resumed more bitterly, Bowman's father joining in the argument. The talk became so violent that Bowman, Sr., finally approached Childers in a menacing attitude. The latter fired at the elder Bowman with a 22-caliber rifle, the bullet causing instant death."
      Names Mentioned: Edward Childers, Alex Bowman, Sr., Alex Bowman, Jr., Ethel Childers, Frank Bowman

    • ♦ Man Convicted of Murder Lynched by Mob
      London, Laurel County. 16 October 1905. 21 sources.
      "Virgil Bowers, a negro, who killed George Farris, of Knox county, was taken from the county jail and hanged to an apple tree near the roadside, a half mile out [of London] on the Barbourville road, shortly before midnight."
      Names Mentioned: George Farris, Virgil Bowers, Joseph Farris, Brit Farris, Bill Queen, William Keck, James Trosper, B. S. DeVault, E. B. Newland, Robt. Taylor, I. A. Bowman, E. Ballard, G. S. Hiatt, D. B. Albright, W. M. Sowder, W. T. Schaffer, John Cummins, George Johnson, F. Francisco, H. C. Faulkner

    • ♦ Man Killed in Fight at Christmas Celebration
      Nancy, Pulaski County. Late December 1905. 3 sources.
      Names Mentioned: Banloe Tarter, Green Wiley Burton

  • 1906  (6)
    • ♦ Two Killed in Gunfight Between Nortons & Arnolds
      four miles from Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. 5 January 1906. 34 sources.
      "The parties are related by marriage and had been in town attending court, there being a suit pending to get control of a grandchild of Arnold, whose daughter had married a Norton.  Trouble was anticipated before the parties left town..."
      Names Mentioned: James Arnold, Harland Arnold, Mitchell Norton, James M. Norton, Horace Norton, Lee Norton, Joe Norton, Albert Hamlin, J. Louis Cooper, Levi Roberts, Judge Bethurum, Rufus Spires, Colonel Lovings, G. S. Griffin, John Robins, Jason Robinson, Frank Adams, Ike Herron, J. C. Phillips, Louis Owens, A. P. Chandler, J. E. Craig, Sam Rose, W. M. Lunceford, Willis Bustle, Joe Bullock, R. G. Sheare

    • ♦ Profile of Somerset, KY in the Lexington Herald
      Somerset, Pulaski County. February 1906. 1 source.
      A profile of Somerset, KY "The Magic City of the Mountains" including paragraphs on government officials, local population, commercial and residential real estate, banks, climate, public utilities, streets, railroads, schools, and the oil, iron, and coal industries.
      Names Mentioned: T. R. Griffin, J. F. Hine, John A. L. Jasper, Ben P. Hines, N. L. Barnett, A. Godfrey Hunter

    • ♦ Man Shoots Wife and Mother-in-Law in Front of 6-Year-Old Son
      Somerset, Pulaski County. Beginning of March 1906. 6 sources.
      "...neighbors rushed to the scene, attracted by the shots and screams of the women, they found a sight ghastly enough to sick the bravest..."
      Names Mentioned: Minerva Bowman, Otis Gragg, Chief of Police Elrod, Judge Barnett, Governor Willson

    • ♦ Saloon Owner Kills Black-Listed Patron
      Wayne's Saloon, Somerset, Pulaski County. 10 May 1906. 5 sources.
      The men had quarreled and Brown, who runs a saloon, ordered Paul not to come to his place of business again.  He did not obey the order and when he returned, Brown shot him four times..."
      Names Mentioned: Odie Paul, Charles Brown, Ike Helm, Ed Paul

    • ♦ Brothers Kill Man on Way Home From Church
      Line Creek, Pulaski County. 28 May 1906. 2 sources.
      "The Barnes brothers were going home and met Ray Whitaker on his way from church and tried to make him pray for his life, saying that if he did not they would kill him, and upon his refusing to pray one of the boys shot him..."
      Names Mentioned: Ray Whitaker, James Barnes, Robert Barnes

    • ♦ James Kennedy Kills Milton Estes on Election Day
      Crab Orchard, Lincoln County. November 1906.1 source.
      "A murder case, which attracted great interest, was being argued when we arrived in Stanford. It was that of James Kennedy for the killing of Milton Estes, at Crab Orchard, on election day."

  • 1907  (11)
    • ♦ Dick Lee Kills [?][?]
      Lincoln County. 1907? 2 sources.
      "Dick Lee, also charged with murder, was discharged. Lee killed another Negro while the South Fork trestle was being worked on several years ago, but nobody has ever appeared against him."
      See: Train Passenger Kills Station Agent Without Provocation, Lincoln, 1907

    • ♦ Man Kills Neighbor Following Reckless Gunfire
      Flat Rock, Pulaski County. First week of July 1907. 2 sources.
      "Pennington had gone to the home of Taylor in an intoxicated condition and was cursing and firing off his shot gun in a reckless manner and making threats to kill some one. He had stepped out of the house and was returning thereto when young Taylor opened fire on him..."
      Names Mentioned: Lige Taylor, Tom Taylor, Hugh Pennington

    • ♦ Lightning Strike Kills Granville H. Brown
      Boreing, Laurel County. 27 July 1907. 1 source.
      "The other two men were shocked to unconsciousness.  After a time they became conscious and found Mr. Brown dead under the wagon and the hay on fire..."
      Names Mentioned: Granville H. Brown, Thomas Brown, J. T. Blair, D. S. Woodward

    • ♦ J. W. Woodall Kills Lum Whitaker Over Card Game
      Bernstadt, Laurel County. 5 August 1907. 6 sources.
      "Lum Whitaker, who belongs to a prominent family was shot and instantly killed by J. W. Woodall ... over a game of cards..."
      Names Mentioned: Columbus "Lum" Whitaker, J. W. Woodall, Ray Whitaker, Robert Barnes, James Barnes, Henry Whitaker, John Farmer, Elisha Whitaker, James Mize, W. L. Whitaker, Fox Baton, William Whitaker, William Mize, George Drew, Nannie Smallwood, Stella Smith

    • ♦ Train Passenger Kills Station Agent Without Provocation
      Kingsville, Lincoln County. 19 September 1907. 18 sources.
      "Watts arrived at King's Mountain on the 2 o'clock accommodation and started to a soldiers' reunion in session ten miles east of the place. He raised a difficulty with passengers in a public omnibus and after flourishing a revolver in the face of several women, Watts was ejected and returned to the station, where he requested Agent VanDivier to open his grip sack. The agent complied and Watts took from the grip sack a revolver and sent a ball through Vandivier's head, killing him instantly..."
      Names Mentioned: Harvey Watts, Haldon VanDeveer/VanDevier/VanDivier, Blanche VanDeveer, B. P. Shewmaker, J. O. Vandeveer, Prof. A. H. Long, Detective G. T. Helm, Detective T. R. Griffin, Dr. J. W. Acton

    • ♦ Wife Kills Drunk Relative, Husband is Killed a Year Later
      Broadhead, Rockcastle County. 1 October 1907.  7 sources.
      "Hardly a year ago Lee Wiggins, a cousin and brother-in-law of Smith was killed in the latter's home. Smith's wife confessed that she did the killing but said it was in self defense, and was not prosecuted.  It is the general impression that Smith did the killing himself..."
      Names Mentioned: Lee Wiggins, McClellan "Clell" Smith, Josiah Wiggins, George/John[?] Hopper,  John Robins, Sam Wiggins, Will Wiggins, Andrew Crank, C. C. Williams

    • ♦ Harry Griffin Kills Oscar Bowen
      Pulaski County. November 1907. 4 sources.
      "Harry Griffin, son of the Mayor of Somerset, shot and instantly killed Oscar Bowen, a young fireman on the Queen and Crescent railroad. Bowen was a son-in-law of Policeman John Camden..."
      Names Mentioned: Harry L. Griffin, Oscar Bowen, Lis Bowen, John C. Camden, Lewis Camden, Judge B. J. Bethurum, [?] Kennedy, J. W. Colyar, Chas. Jacobs, S. S. Morrow and W. Boyd Morrow, L. E. Brown, Edwin P. Morrow, Julius Samuels, Governor McDermott, Hugh Woolfolk

    • ♦ Attorney Kills Another Attorney Inside Laurel Courthouse
      Courthouse, London, Laurel County. 18 November 1907. 3 sources.
      "Circuit Court is in session, and hundreds of people swarmed around the dead man and created a panic.  An old grudge had existed for some time between them..."
      Names Mentioned: James Sparks, Robert Boyd Jr., Lilly Hubbs, Judge Boyd, Sheriff Swanner, James Breathitt, Tom B. McGregor

    • ♦ Woman's Paramour Kills Her Husband In Their Own Home
      Wildie, Rockcastle County. 22 November 1907. 8 sources.
      "By correspondence and assiduous personal attention of an affectionate character, she fed appellant's passion until it became his habit to visit her two or three times a week for a year before he killed her husband. During and between such visits she furnished him with cheap novels and other unwholesome reading matter, of the “Buffalo Bill” variety, which could not in any way have profitably ministered to his intellectual or moral growth..."
      Names Mentioned: Woolford Adams, William Hayes, J. H. Hayes, D. G. Clark, J. S. Prewitt, William Walker, Edgar Mullins, Floyd Wells, Mitchell Mullins, Ed Mullins, Greely Mize, Joe Mize, Charles King, Thomas Young, James Breathitt, Tom B. McGregor

    • ♦ Man Accidentally Kills His Brother in Gunfight over Craps Game
      Bullock's barber shop, Livingston, Rockcastle County. 23 November 1907. 5 sources.
      "...some eight or ten had congregated in the back room of the barber shop to take a drink and two or three of the number engaged in a crap game, a difference arose between Ed Mullins and Joe Mize, when both parties went for his pistol and began to fire..."
      RelatedRichard P. Pike Kills Joe Mize over Card Game
      Names Mentioned: Greely Mize, Joe Mize, Ed Mullins, George Mullins, Henry Bulton, G. S. Griffin, John Baker, John Mounce, Woolford Adams, Will Hayes, J. H. Hayes, William Walker, Floyd Wells, Mitchell Mullins, Robt. Lemons, George Sambrooks, Harry Lee, John Johnson, Richard P. Pike

    • ♦ Charley King Kills Tom/Bogue Young
      near Boone/Conway, Rockcastle County. Second half of December 1907. 6 sources.
      "Charley King, who shot and killed Bogue Young at Boone Christmas week..."
      Names Mentioned: Charles King, Bogue/Tom Young, Sheriff R. L. McFerron, G. S. Griffin, Callie Mullins, Grover Allen, A. Pennington

  • 1908  (10)
    • ♦ Richard P. Pike Kills Joe Mize Over Card Game
      Livingston, Rockcastle County. 5 January 1908. 6 sources.
      "At Livingston Sunday Dick Pike shot and killed Joe Mize, who three weeks ago shot his own brother to death at that place.  They were playing cards and were well filled with booze..."
      RelatedMan Accidentally Kills His Brother in Gunfight over Craps Game
      Names Mentioned: Joe Mize, Richard P. Pike, Marshal Burton, Harvey Chancey, M. F. Treadway, J. F. McNew, P. L. McFerron, Jerry Roberts, Frank Cox, J. J. Brown, Wal Chasteen, J. H. Sowder, M. P. Bullock, F. F. Bullock, W. F. Warren

    • ♦ Shopville Postmaster Killed by His Daughter's Admirer
      Shopville, Pulaski County. First half of January 1908. 3 sources.
      "Harvey McHargue, postmaster at Shopville, was shot dead at his home by Claude Price, whom he had ordered to stop calling on his daughter..."
      Names Mentioned: W. Harvey McHargue, Claude Price

    • ♦ Morris Simpson Kills Sim Sexton
      Stearns, Whitley/McCreary County. February 1908. 1 source.
      "In a pistol duel over a trivial matter, Morris Simpson shot and killed Sim Sexton at Stearns. A bullet from one of the pistols grazed the head of Supt. Butler, of the Stearns Coal & Lumber Co., making a slight scalp wound."

    • ♦ Pur Rigsby Kills Greely Lear
      A. C. Hiatt's store, Hiatt, Rockcastle County. March 1908.
      See: Stolen Mule Precipitates Feudal Battle.

    • ♦ Former Deputy Sheriff Shoots Man in Head, Man Survives
      Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. April 1908. 8 sources.
      "Friends interceded and both parties agreed to let the past be the past, and to stop all hostilities, which it was hoped by everyone would be carried out, as both men are not afraid, and each has a strong following. But unfortunately, they met and but little provocation being necessary the trouble was renewed, Langford falling seriously wounded, one shot taking effect in the head..."
      RelatedKillings of Henry Langford, John Pickens, & James Langford, 1870-1879
      RelatedElection Day Shootout Involves Sheriff, Causes Langford/Mullins Feud
      Related: Elza Langford Kills Tom Rose
      Names Mentioned: David G. Clark, Elza Langford, Dock Langford, Judge Bethurum, Dr. H. V. Pennington, Dr. Paugh, Dr. Lovell, Dr. Southard

    • [?][?] Kills McClellan Smith
      Broadhead, Rockcastle County. First half of September 1908. 
      See: Wife Kills Drunk Relative, Husband is Killed a Year Later.

    • ♦ Double Murder Supposed to be Continuation of Feud
      near Pulaski County line, Laurel County. 30 November 1908. 17 sources, 10 transcribed.
      Articles in this one claim that the shootout between William Barnes, Robert Barnes, Emma Taylor, and William Tyree was the result of a "long-standing family feud between the Whitaker, Mize and Barnes families" however the primary article cited in the J. W. Woodall Kills Lum Whitaker over Card Game incident just one year prior states "[t]here has been no family feud in that neighborhood and each tragedy was the result of separate and distinct cause." The articles in both instances are from out-of-state papers and cite many of the same murders (and get many of the names wrong).
      Names Mentioned: William Maret Barnes, Emma Taylor, William Tyree, Robert Barnes, Elisha Whitaker, James Mize, Willie Whitaker, John Farmer, Harvey Mize, Ray Whitaker, Lum Whitaker, J. W. Woodall, Roy Whitaker, Julius Warren, James Arnold, Harland Arnold, Oscar McIntyre, Albert Kock

    • ♦ Schoolgirl Brutally Murdered By Relative
      Russell County. 6 December 1908. 26 sources, 17 transcribed.
      See: Child-Slayer Lynched by Mob

    • ♦ Child-Slayer Lynched by Mob
      Russell County and Wayne County. 16 December 1908. 26 sources, 17 transcribed.
      "Another disgrace has been put on the good name of our state by the lynching last week of Elmer Hill, who, as reported in the last paper, was accused of killing his thirteen year old cousin [Mamie Womack]. A mob of only twenty-five men went to the jail in Monticello, and took him out and hanged him..."
      Names Mentioned: Nannie Pearl "Mamie" Womack, Elmer Hill, Logan Womack, Judge H. H. Dunbar, McClellan "Clell" McAninch, Marshal William Lair, Rufus Holt, Wolford Wilson, [?] Shepherd, R. A. Downing, Major Delphos, Col. R. T. Jacobs, Gov. Willson

    • ♦ Several Killed in Christmas Day Miners' Riot at McFerran Hotel
      McFerran Hotel, Whitley County. 25 December 1908. 12 sources.
      "The McFerran Hotel, in which the miners were barricaded, was burned, presumably to smoke the miners out.  It is thought that four or five of the miners were burned alive in the hotel..." A prominent Rockcastle citizen, United States Marshal John Mullins, was killed in the riot.
      Names Mentioned: John Mullins, Richard/John[?] Ross, E. L. Stephens, J. N. Sharpe, J. O. Tunstall, A. M. J. Cochran, Siler Ryan, Henry Waddell, Marshal Tate, George Massingale, W. T. Short, Garnet Ripley, R. L. Stearns, Steven C. Sharpe, Berry Simpson, Reuben West, George Stanley, Governor Willson, Sheriff Crawley, Oliver Slaven, Elisha Slaven, Harvey Simpson, Jesse Simpson, J. T. Quisenberry, Steve Sharp, T. G. Barrow, William Willis, Edward Morrow

  • 1909  (11)
    • ♦ Constable Kills Man During Arrest Attempt at Baptism
      near Hail, Pulaski County. January 1909. 5 sources.
      "...the appellant, as constable, undertook to execute it by arresting Phelps on Sunday at a religious baptizing in Pulaski county. When the constable laid his hand on the shoulder of Phelps and demanded that he submit to arrest under the warrant which he held for him, the latter jerked away from the officer and drew a knife, and then walked away, commanding the officer to let him alone..."
      Names Mentioned: William Phelps, John Kammerer, R. L. Phelps, M. L. Jarvis, Edwin P. Morrow, W. Boyd Morrow, James Breathitt, Tom B. McGregor, Judge Barker, Judge Carroll

    • ♦ Visitor Killed in Freak Accident at Saw Mill
      Four miles south of Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. 16 March 1909. 1 source.
      Obituary of a Brodhead traveling salesman killed at W. M. Bullock's saw mill. " Passing out of the mill shed, they had to pass over the saw shaft, which was running at full speed.  Mr. Bullock passed over in safety, but the long overcoat worn by young Albright, caught on a set screw as he was passing over..."
      Names Mentioned: Manly C. Albright, W. M. Bullock, John Marler, James Johnson, Granville Owens, A. B. Furnish, J. C. McClary

    • ♦ Man Killed in Row At Republican Primary Election
      Dallas, Pulaski County. 12 June 1909. 4 sources.
      "The trouble was the result of an election difficulty, this being the day on which Pulaski's Republican primary was being held.  We are told, that Bullock was advancing on Sowder with a knife when he fired the fatal shot, which took effect just under the chin."
      Names Mentioned: E. C. "Lum" Sowder, Riley Sowder, William "Bill" Bullock

    • ♦ Pulaski County Woman Escapes Kentucky Penitentiary
      Frankfort, Franklin County. July 1909. 1 source.
      "Dicie Gilpin, an 18 year-old girl, who hails from Pulaski county, has the distinction of being the only woman prisoner who has ever scaled the walls of the Frankfort penitentiary."
      Names Mentioned: Dicie Gilpin

    • ♦ Boy Kills Father With Shotgun
      Woodstock, Pulaski County. 24 July 1909.  5 sources.
      "The boy was enraged over a chastisement administered to him by his father and shot his father, killing him instantly."
      Names Mentioned: James W. Starns, Virgil Starns, O. H. Waddle, M. L. Jarvis, Robert Waddle, and J. W. Colyer, Frank Crabtree, Andy Ramsey, Judge Bethurum, V. P. Smith, James Denton,  C. S. Fisher, William Cope, George Phillips, G. W. Clark, W. P. Ford, W. R. Nunnelly, C. E. Cundiff, William Jackson, Chas. Jackobs, G. A. McGahan, L. J. Lynch, John C. Hicks

    • ♦ Man Found Stabbed to Death in Another's Yard
      Brodhead, Rockcastle County. August 1909. 8 sources.
      The narrative in this one is a bit unclear, but it seems as though Bogie Phillips was badly stabbed by Owen Turpin around August 19, 1909, and survived, but was too drunk to explain to authorities why Turpin stabbed him.  Then, a week later, approximately August 26, 1909, Phillips is found "stabbed several times in the breast and his body was literally slashed to pieces" in Turpin's yard.
      Names Mentioned: Bogie Phillips, Owen W. Turpin, Henry Roberts, Earl Phillips, Lou Phillips, S. D. Lewis, L. W. Bethurum, C. C. Williams, J. W. Brown, M. P. Bullock, G. W. Brown, Tom Mod Mullins, R. C. Adams, Henry Cromer, J. C. P. Myers, R. G. Bowman, Charles Wilson, John Elder

    • ♦ Somerset Officer Kills Prisoner
      Pulaski County. 18 September 1909. 2 sources.
      "Henry Waddle of Somerset, shot and killed a negro, Joe Smith, on the streets there Saturday night. Waddle was bossing a gang of convicts, when Smith who had been ugly, drew a revolver and began shooting at him. Waddle returned fire..."
      Names Mentioned: Henry Waddle, Joe Smith

    • ♦ Bystander Killed in Gunfight Between Cousins
      Williams Siding, Pulaski County. Last week in September 1909. 7 sources.
      "George Roberts and Oscar Roberts, were into a difficulty and that George Roberts, drawing his pistol, fired at Oscar Roberts the ball cutting through an ear and scalping the neck.  Then going on, it struck John McKee in the neck severing the jugular vein..."
      Names Mentioned: John McKee, George Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Oscar Roberts, Alvin Roberts

    • ♦ Swiss Merchant Killed at His Store
      Bernstadt, Laurel County. 4 November 1909. 5 sources.
      "Some unknown person called for him to come out to his store only a few steps from his residence and he was shot as soon as he reached his place of business.  His family hearing shots, hurried to the scene and found Mr. Koch lying dead..."
      Names Mentioned: Albert Koch, Oscar McIntyre, William Tyree, V. G. Mulliken, [?] Whitaker

    • ♦ Boy Shot and Killed While Trying to Board Moving Freight Train
      Greenwood, Pulaski/McCreary County. 26 November 1909. 4 sources.
      "An unusual defense has been made in connection with the case of Starling Litton, the Queen and Crescent brakeman, charged with killing the 10-year-old son of Tilford Shadoan at Greenwood."
      Names Mentioned: Starling Litton/Lytton, McKinley Shadoan, Tilford Shadoan, Richard Smith, Robert Harding

    • ♦ Murder Victim Found in Ashes of Blind Tiger Shack
      Popular Springs, Pulaski County. 23 December 1909. 12 sources.
      "Ramsay...left home on the day he was killed with $10 on his person, for the purpose, it is said, of buying a half interest in the blind tiger that is said to be operating there.  The next day his charred remains were found among the ashes of the burned shanty..."
      Names Mentioned: Andrew Ramsey, Frank Crabtree, Frank Perkins, Joe Hickman, George Kidd, James Ramsay, John M. Weddle, George Hines, Judge Tarter, Judge Bethurum, A. J. Chaney, V. P. Smith, James Denton, C. S. Fisher, William Cope, George Phillips, G. W. Clark, W. P. Ford, W. R. Nunnelly, C. E. Cundiff, William Jackson, Chas. Jackobs, G. A. McGahan, L. J. Lynch, John C. Hicks, Luther Sharpe, William McKee, Virgil Starns, Tom Martin, Millie Gilmore, William Gilmore, Fred Crozier, French Singleton, Lum Souders, [?] Bullock

  • 1910's  (30)

  • 1910  (7)
    • ♦ Q. & C. Brakeman Kills Section Foreman
      Sloans' Valley, Pulaski County. 9 January 1910. 5 sources.
      "William McKee section foreman was shot four times at Sloans' Valley about 6 o'clock Sunday night.  A passenger train had just pulled in and McKee was standing in the crowd on the station platform, when a man approached in the dark and without removing his pistol from his overcoat pocket fired..."
      Names Mentioned: William McKee, Luther Sharpe, [?] Walker, John M. Weddle, James Ellis, Squire Chaney, Robert Cain, Frank Perkins, Frank Crabtree, Andy Ramsey, Virgil Starns, Tom Martin, Millie Gilmore, William Gilmore, Fred Crozier, French Singleton, Lum Souders, [?] Bullock

    • ♦ Man Kills Brother-in-Law Over Land Disagreement
      eastern Pulaski County. 16 February 1910. 2 sources.
      "David McKinney owns quite a boundary of land in the southern part of the county and Harper had been living on his father-in-law's, Mr. David McKinney, land and wanted to rent the land for another year, and over this the trouble started..."
      Names Mentioned: Jack McKinney, George Harper, David McKinney

    •  Man Commits Suicide Over Sour Real Estate Deal
      Somerset, Pulaski County. 9 March 1910. 1 source.
      "Yesterday morning he left his plow in the furrow, went to the house with tear stains on his cheeks, kissed his wife and walked away toward the barn..."
      Names Mentioned: O. C. Bilderbeck, Miss Elliott, George L. Elliot, Robert Elliott, W. A. Pettus

    • ♦ Quarrel Over Land Division Ends in Shotgun Duel
      Cain's Store, Pulaski County. May 1910. 2 sources.
      "Hall, who was charged with the murder of a man named Jasper, was given a life sentence..."
      Names Mentioned: George[?] Jasper, George/Allen[?] Hall, Deputy Sheriff Dick

    • ♦ Preacher Kills Another Preacher
      Rock Creek Baptist Church, Whitley County. 18 June 1910. 12 sources.
      Rev. Robert Vanover "attempted to conduct the regular Friday night services, but was ordered out of the pulpit by Rev. Perry, who had been acting as pastor following the filing of the charges against Vanover. When he refused to leave, Perry is said to have shoved him, and the fight started, causing a panic among the congregation, who tell conflicting stories of the fight. When the excitement subsided, Vanover was lying dead on the pulpit, his throat cut from ear to ear."
      Names Mentioned: Rev. Robert Vanover, Rev. Isaac Perry, Blaine Perry, Thomas Perry, Samuel Perry, Richard Perry, William Perry, Mack Perry, Hustler Head, James Head

    • ♦ Mt. Vernon Town Marshal Kills George W. Gentry
      Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. 21 July 1910. 10 sources.
      "Town Marshall George R. Furguson shot and no doubt fatally wounded George Gentry yesterday morning in front of the public room of the Miller hotel. Furguson fired two shots, one which passed through abdomen and liver and another which passed through the left lung. ... The men have not been on friendly terms for some time, on account of Furguson arresting one of Gentry's sons some time back."
      Names Mentioned: George R. Furguson/Ferguson, George W. Gentry, H. C. Gentry, Jonas McKenzie, Sheriff T. J. Nicely, Tyree Gentry, E. R. Gentry, Jno. R. Alcorn, E. Cox, Mat Mink, O. E. Gipson, David Hines, Jno. E. Boek[?], C. T. Sigmon, Lee Coffeey, W. M. Napier, Henry Delph, Tommy Jones, Henry Mahaffey

    • ♦ Two Killed, Two Wounded At Christmas Celebration
      Big Hill mines on Straight Creek, Laurel County. 24 December 1910. 2 sources.
      "William and Andrew Patterson, brothers, were killed, and two children, the ten-year-old son and eight-year-od daughter of Rad Robinson, shot and seriously wounded at a Christmas celebration at the Big Hill mines on Straight Creek."
      Names Mentioned: William Patterson, Andrew Patterson, Marcus Graham, Rad Robinson

  • 1911  (4)
    • ♦ Insulted Woman Kills Wealthy Man
      Greenwood, Pulaski County. 13 April 1911. 2 sources.
      "She surrendered and asserted she had been compelled to fire upon Meadows, after he had addressed insulting remarks to her..."
      Names Mentioned: Dalt Meadows, Maggie Lewis

    • ♦ Judge & Constable Killed by Deputy Sheriff & Deputy Constable
      Burnside, Pulaski County. 14 July 1911. 32 sources.
      Deputy Sheriff Ellis and Deputy Constable Helton shoot and kill Judge Beatty and Constable Heath inside Beatty's courtroom over the matter of some warrants issued to arrest Ellis for selling liquor and gaming. The case caused such a stir in Burnside that jurors were obtained from outside the county.  Ellis, after being sentenced to death, nearly escapes his jail cell by sawing off the bars.
      RelatedIn or before 1896, Heath and Beatty had a shooting affray.
      Names Mentioned: James Ellis, Fount Helton, Andrew Jackson Beatty, W. F. Heath, R. C. Tartar, J. M. Weddle, M. L. Jarvis, J. N. Sharp, Neal Silvers, B. J. Bethurum, W. S. Buch, R. M. Newland, R. C. Arnold, Ed. Wilkinson, George Carter, J. M. Pettus, Jack Cover, J. R. Harris, Black Huffman, E. B. Denham, George Rout, W. H. Brady, Sam Bishop

    • ♦ Railroad Contractors Charged With Holding Workers In Peonage
      Stearns, Whitley County. 14 July 1911. 11 sources.
      "It was brought out in the trial here that Cook would not allow any of the men working for him to leave the camp while they were indebted to him for transportation from other states to the railroad camp near Stearns, and several of them testified to seeing some of the negroes working there get severe whippings for trying to run away from the camp." Also includes information about the killing of Scott Keaton, one of the men charged in the case.
      Names Mentioned: J. A. Coleman, Allen M. Cook, E. T. Wesley, M. B. Faves, Ed Smith, Scott Keaton, Merrett B. Evans, Pitney Phillips, Charles Gardner, Joseph B. Elliott, Perry Bird, Charles Flynn, Maxine Lewis, Richard Austin, James G. Crumbliss, Sam Sparks, Edwin P. Morrow

    • ♦ Man Kills School Teacher, Arrest Leads to Police Shootout 
      fifteen miles east of Somerset, Pulaski County. 9 August 1911. 3 sources.
      "He asked permission to telephone his sweetheart saying he would come to Somerset to jail with them.  He evidently gave warning for they had not gotten far with their prisoner until a number of relatives and friends overtook the officers and demanded that the prisoner be release[d]..."
      Names Mentioned: Riley Price, James A. Phelps, J. M. Weddle, R. C. Tartar, H. G. Waddle, Governor McCreary

    • ♦ Officer Wounded, Man Killed During Arrest Attempt
      Somerset, Pulaski County. 8 September 1911. 1 source.
      "Chief of Police Henry Waddell, while trying to arrest John Pennington, a machinist, this morning, was forced in self-defense to shoot Pennington, who resisted arrest. Three shots took effect and Pennington is not expected to live."
      Names Mentioned: Henry Waddell, John Pennington, John Waddell, William Partin

  • 1912  (4)
    • ♦ Neighbor Kills Another Over Corn Debt
      near Pulaski County line, Laurel County. 12 January 1912. 3 sources.
      "The two men quarreled over a small amount of corn which Allen claimed Arthur owed him.  Allen claims self-defense.  He says that Arthur attached him with an ax and that he fired to save his own life."
      Names Mentioned: James Reuben Arthur, Leonard Allen, Sheriff Scoville, B. Arthur

    • ♦ Sanford Isaacs Kills Jones Allen
      Rockcastle County. April 1912. 4 sources.
      "From best reporters we can get it seems that young Allen and Jim Johnson were on their way to the home of Allen late Friday night when they met Isaacs and after he joined them they went on their way peacably as far as the home of Hyatt Drew. After the Drews had been aroused and the three men entered the house Isaacs and Johnson became engaged in a quarrel. Drew pushed Johnson out the door and while Allen was as peacemaker Isaacs stabbed him, the knife entering the stomach making the wound from which he died Saturday afternoon."
      Related: Sanford Isaacs Kills Lige Reece, 1902[?]

    • ♦ [?] Meadors Kills [Thurman?] English
      Whitley/McCreary County. Spring/Summer 1912. 1 source.
      "...the [Whitley Co. indictment], however, fixes the date of the murder therein charged as of April 1, 1912, and gives Thurman English as the name of the person murdered; whereas the indictment returned in the McCreary Circuit Court alleges that the murder was committed June 18, 1912, and that the name of the person murdered was ___ English; the first or Christian name 'being to the grand jury unknown.'"

    • ♦ Police Shootout with Friends/Relatives of James A. Phelps
      Eastern part of county en route to Somerset, Pulaski County. 20 October 1912.
      See: Man Kills School Teacher, Arrest Leads to Police Shootout.

  • 1913  (6)
    • ♦ Noah Johnson Kills Thomas Doby
      Laurel County. 1913? 3 sources.
      "About eight o'clock one morning Doby, and a companion, passed appellee's farm on their way to the post-office. Appellee was repairing his fence on the road side. After a few sharp words, and threatening demonstrations, appellee shot and wounded Doby, and from which he died the next morning about eight o'clock."
      Names Mentioned: Noah Johnson, George/Thomas Doby/Doty, R. A. Jones, Bud Sullivan, Alex. Sullivan, Abel Burnett, Campbell Smith, Dr. Holt. Jones, N. J. Stanberry

    • ♦ Girl Killed on Wooded Trail
      Pulaski County. 13 April 1913. 5 sources.
      "She had started from her home to a store and was passing through the woodland where the boys were located when she came by and the tragedy occurred some fifty feet from the roadside..."
      Names Mentioned: Cora Whitaker, Roscoe Price, Millard Arnold, Alfred Whitaker, R. C. Tartar, A. J. McFarland

    • ♦ Landlord/Tenant Argument Over Trespassing Sheep Ends in Fatal Stabbing
      Cruise's Ferry, Laurel County. 18 June 1913. 6 sources.
      "[Bowman] also said to Holt, 'you have killed me' to which Holt, is said to have replied: 'G-- D-- you that is what I intended to do.'  Holt made his escape..."
      Names Mentioned: Harry W. Bowman, Henderson/Harrison[?] Holt, R. R. Perry, Salathiel Perry, Welt Mullins, L. T. Wilson, James B. McCreary, Thomas Clark, John Henley, Charles Bowman

    • ♦ Evans Cash Kills Owney Warren
      near Pulaski County line, Laurel County. First week of June 1913. 3 sources.
      "In the struggle between Holt and Cash, the latter was pretty badly beaten up before he was finally disarmed by Holt, who was trying to avert further bloodshed..."
      Names Mentioned: Owney/Otis Warren, Evans Cash/Kash, [?] Holt

    • ♦ Argument Over Lost Pig Results in Killing
      near Pulaski County line, Laurel County. 9 July 1913. 3 sources.
      ">When Tyree left Whittaker's house on the following Wednesday morning to go to his own home, he carried with him a pistol which he had borrowed from Corb Polly and a shotgun that Robert Mise had left at Whittaker's house the night before, for Tyree to take home. After Tyree had returned to his home, he remained in the house until about the middle of the forenoon, sitting by an open window overlooking the public highway..."
      Names Mentioned: Ira Ellis Barnes, Edgar Tyree, Sallie Mize, Sarah Mink, Amanda Woodall, James Mise, Nellie Tyree, Corb Polly, Robert Mize, Henry Whitaker, Lee Whitaker, Logan Woodall, Humphrey Mize, R. L. Ewell, Frank Whitaker, James Whitaker, R. L. Ewell 

    • ♦ Moonshiner Kills Councilman, Wounds Town Marshal in Arrest Escape
      Burnside, Pulaski County. 18 August 1913. 7 sources.
      "Badly wounded, but heavily armed and guarded by two friends, who were also heavily armed, Josh Tartar, who is wanted for the alleged murder of John Fitzgerald, a businessman of Burnside, and the shooting of City Marshal John Coomer, of that place, last Monday night in a running battle with officers and citizens..."
      Names Mentioned: Josh Tartar, John Fitzgerald, John Coomer, H. G. Waddle, Gov. McCreary, Judge Bethurum

  • 1914  (2)
    • ♦ Woman Kills Her Husband's Mistress
      Rockcastle County. August 1914. 2 sources.
      "The shooting took place at the home of Alex Drew, who married a sister to the Fields woman.  Mr. and Mrs. Filbeck have not lived peacefully together for some time, on account of the deceased woman, who did not bear a good reputation..."
      Names Mentioned: Lizzie Filbeck, Gather Filbeck, Lena Fields, Alex Drew, C. C. Williams, E. R. Gentry, M. L. Jarvis, Geo. Frederick, Jr., John Harp, W. H. Carmical, W. S. Cromer, J. S. Kinley, Hamp Bullock, D. B. Langford, G. M. Hamm, J. L. Doan, J. D. Bullock, John Clontz, L. H. Cromer

    • ♦ Over One Hundred Men Hunt Slayer of Berea Town Marshal
      L&N Depot, Berea, Madison County. 23 August 1914. 3 sources.
      "Mrs. Watkins, wife of the wounded constable, declared she overheard several men back of the depot Saturday night discussing a plot to ambush some one. With the view of avoiding a homicide, if possible, the woman notified Mrs. Collins of the plot, urging her to inform her husband and have him arrest the men before they could put their plans into effect..." The subsequent manhunt takes place primarily in Rockcastle County.
      Names Mentioned: John A. Collins, Leonard Watkins, John Hopkins, Andrew Hopkins, John Hopkins, Jr., Henry Hopkins, V. G. Mullikin, Curt Robinson, Van B. Benton, Cam Mullins, Governor McDermott

  • 1915  (3)
    • ♦ Man Kills Son-in-Law Over Mistreatment of Daughter
      two miles south of Wildie, Rockcastle County. 3 August 1915. 3 sources.
      "He says he found Mrs. Shear, his daughter, weeping, and in explanation was told that her husband had given her a beating.  According to Abney, he proceeded to the shop of his son-in-law and found him at the forge with a red hot piece of iron in his hand..."
      Names Mentioned: William Shear/Shearer[?], Squire Abney, Flora Abney Shear/Shearer[?]

    • ♦ Man Kills Another at Polling Site Over Political Newspaper Article
      Bourbon Schoolhouse, Pulaski County. 6 August 1915. 14 sources.
      "According to appellant's own testimony, while a colored orator was addressing the crowd he left his seat in the building, intending to go out into the yard, but upon getting just outside of the door stopped to hear an anecdote being related by the speaker. At that time the decedent was standing in or just outside of the door with his hands, or one of them, upon the frame of the door. Upon seeing appellant he said to him: 'You are the son of a b___ that wrote those lies on Judge Jasper and had them published in the Somerset paper.'" Includes newspaper article in question.
      Names Mentioned: J. H. Taylor, Frank Sumner, Judge Bethurum, Judge Jasper, Judge Kennedy, Oscar Allison, W. R. Henry, R. S. Rose, M. M. Logan, Overton S. Hogan, J. B. Snyder, William Eller, G. P. Myers

    • ♦ Land Dispute Results in Killing
      Burdine, Pulaski County. 12 August 1915. 3 sources.
      "As a result of a quarrel over a small tract of land in Pulaski county, Jesse Morgan shot and killed Dud Whitaker, a neighboring farmer last week..."
      Names Mentioned: George W. "Dud" Whitaker, Jesse Morgan

  • 1916  (0)

  • 1917  (2)
    • ♦ J. Frank Cox Kills James Sutton
      Long Branch on Rockcastle River, Rockcastle County. 26 June 1917. 7 sources.
      "Frank Cox shot and killed Jim Sutton near the mouth of Long Branch on Rockcastle river, Tuesday.  Particulars not learned.  Sutton only lived a few hours after being shot..."
      Names Mentioned: J. Frank Cox, James Sutton, Emmett Gentry, Joe Suttles, Judge Bethurum, C. C. Williams, Walter N. Flippin, Chas. H. Morris, Henry F. Turner, [?] Rice, [?] Bustle, Judge Mullins

    • ♦ Man Kills Another In Argument Over Land Title
      Laurel County. Summer 1917. 4 sources.
      "Governor Stanley today commuted to life sentence in the penitentiary imposed on Simpson Thomas of Laurel county to eight months. Thomas killed Thomas C. Johnston in a quarrel over a title to land..." Also contains article about the death of Simpson Thomas in November 1931--he was killed by Roosevelt Carrell in an argument over the division of a corn crop.
      Names Mentioned: Simpson Thomas, Thomas C. Johnson/Johnston, J. B. Eberlein, Robert Bruce Evans, John Jewell, Roosevelt Carrell, Tom Carrell, Milburn Carrell, Howard Carrell

  • 1918  (4)
    • ♦ Man Kills Deputy Sheriff Serving Property Lien Hazel Patch, Laurel County. January 1918. 4 sources. "Bob Hurley, of Hazel Patch, shot and killed Deputy Sheriff R. B. Eversole because the latter levied on some of his property." Names Mentioned: Robert Hurley, Robert B. Eversole, Grant Johnson, W. A. Sears, Pearl Gabbard, Jarve Steele

    • ♦ Man Kills Cousin Over Attention Paid to Man's Wife
      south of Walnut Grove, Pulaski County. April 1918. 1 source.
      "Shot and instantly killed, Alvin Souders by his cousin, Victor Souders, a little ways to the south of here, on last Monday. The trouble was over the frequent attention to the former's wife."
      Names Mentioned: Alvin Souders, Victor Souders

    • ♦ Squire Singleton Killed by Marion Durham
      12 miles from Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County. 13 November 1918. 7 sources.
      "Durham was moving his uncle's furniture from a house belonging to Singleton, when they had hot words.  It is claimed that Durham used a Winchester..."
      Names Mentioned: Squire R. Singleton, Marion Durham, Charles Thompson, William Durham, Marshall Herring, Forest Herring, Tip Langford

    • ♦ Quarreling Family Kill Man Who Intervenes
      near Rockcastle River, Laurel County. 8 December 1918. 3 sources.
      "It is alleged by the commonwealth that Henry and Lee Whitaker, father and brother of John, were engaged in a fight when Arthur dragged Lee Whitaker into a house and closed the doors.  At this point, it is charged, John Whitaker shot through the door and killed Arthur, who was trying to stop the fight..." Also includes an obituary of Henry M. Whitaker, referred to as a "feudal lord of the mountains."
      Names Mentioned: George "Skip" Arthur, John Whitaker, Henry M. Whitaker, Lee Whitaker

  • 1919  (1)
    • ♦ Man Killed in Row After Purchasing Moonshine
      near Pittsburg, Laurel County. 22 March 1919. 10 sources.
      "Luther Manus, of Mt. Vernon, who came to London last Saturday...was shot in the head and killed about 9 o'clock that night on the old railroad right-of-way near Pittsburg, by Wm. Mullins, one of the owners of the Sparks livery stable, and who recently moved to London from Mt. Vernon. There was no eye-witness except T. J. Johnson, Jr., who is a partner of Mullins in the livery business, and who is charged jointly with him for the killing..."
      Possibly RelatedWilliam Mullins Kills Dan Scott & James M. Singleton
      Names Mentioned: Luther Manus, William M. Mullins, T. Jeff Johnson, Jr., Rev. H. T. Young, C. C. Williams, Charles Barnett, Judge B. J. Bethurum, L. P. Thompson, Judge W. M. Lewis, Overton S. Hogan, Tony Kerby, Elmer Johnson, Claude Miller, Emma Warren, Eliza Warren

  • 1920's  (22)

  • 1920  (4)
    • ♦ Young Girl Accidently Killed by Celebratory Gunfire
      Dallas, Pulaski County. 25 April 1920. 3 sources.
      "Mize claims the girl was killed by accident and that he fired at random with a gun of large caliber while riding a horse..."
      Names Mentioned: Lettie C. Kirby, Charles Mize

    • ♦ Dog Killing Allegedly Sparks Feud Battle
      Ocala, Pulaski County. 25 May 1920. 10 sources.
      "The McKinneys, according to the report, killed a dog which belonged to John Hansford a month ago.  Hansford and his son met the McKinneys yesterday and discussed the dog killing.  Weapons were drawn and when the smoke cleared away the three McKinneys were dead..."
      Names Mentioned: Jack McKinney, George McKinney, Virgil McKinney, John Hansford, Scott Hansford, Judge Tartar, B. J. Bethurum, W. N. Flippin

    • ♦ Wolford Hill Kills Luther Hatfield
      McCreary County. 1 October 1920 1 source.
      "The defendant Wolford Hill was convicted of murdering Luther Hatfield and his punishment fixed at confinement in the penitentiary for life."

    • ♦ Woman Kills Teenage Girl Over Suspected Affair With Husband
      Tateville, Pulaski County. Late October 1920. 4 sources.
      "She stabbed a young woman to death over domestic troubles, claiming that she was too intimate with her husband..."
      Names Mentioned: Stella Cato, Dessie Ross

  • 1921  (9)
    • ♦ One Killed, Three Wounded in Gunfight at Public Sale
      Pulaski County. Late February 1921. 3 sources.
      "One man was killed and three seriously wounded in a shooting affray at a public sale near Burnetta, in the western part of Pulaski county, according to telephone reports from there.  James Pierce was shot and instantly killed by Virgil Wood, following an argument, said to have been caused by an old grudge."
      Names Mentioned: Virgil Wood, James Pierce, Hugh Pierce, Grover Pierce, Wright Wood

    • ♦ Fatal Quarrel Over Fishing Trap
      Buck Creek, Pulaski County. 12 April 1921. 5 sources.
      "...in April, 1921, there was, at a certain point in Buck creek, and had been for some time, a fish trap and on the night in question about dusk the decedent Young and the witness Heath, a young man, went to the fish trap and on the bank of the stream near it built a fire with the purpose of spending the night there and taking fish from the trap as they got in it; that shortly after Young and Heath reached the place appellant, accompanied by his brother Earl and Al Lowery, also reached the place and all of the parties spent the night at the place until two or three o'clock in the morning when the homicide in question occurred; that up to a short time before the shooting the parties had all gotten along nicely, were all in good humor and there had been no unpleasant occurrences..."
      Names Mentioned: Bradley Haynes, I. N. Young, Earl Lowery, Albert Lowery, Nellie Haynes, Fannie Haynes, William Waddle, B. L. Waddle, Charles I. Dawson, Thomas B. McGregor

    • ♦ Man Shot and Killed While Riding on Automobile Running Board 
      near London, Laurel County. 7 June 1921. 2 sources.
      "[George] Jones was riding on the running board of an automobile when a bullet fired from a distance of more than 100 yards, pierced his head. Chris Evans, an old man who lived nearby, was lodged in jail here last night charged with the shooting."
      Names Mentioned: George Jones, Chris Evans, L. W. Bethurum

    • ♦ Livingston Town Marshal Kills Man Over Suspected Whisky
      Livingston, Rockcastle County. 2 July 1921. 5 sources.
      "William Powell, of Jackson county, who was shot last Saturday night by town marshal Lev Philpot, Jr., of Livingston, died at the Pennington Hospital here Monday. In a dying statement Powell is said to have told his attendant that he had brought his daughter to Livingston for treatment by a Livingston doctor. He said he was leaving with a bottle of medicine in his pocket when Philpot charged him with having whisky and ordered him to put up his hands...."
      Names Mentioned: William Powell, William/Lev Philpot, Jr.

    • ♦ Robert Harris Allegedly Kills Brother-in-Law Joe Denny
      Wiggins Section near Brodhead, Rockcastle County. July 1921. 3 sources.
      "Joe Denny of the Wiggins section near Brodhead was shot last Sunday by Robert Harris, his brother in law, and died Monday evening.  The affair seems to have been the result of trouble between the wives of the two men who were sisters."
      Names Mentioned: Robert Harris, Joe Denny

    • ♦ Two Killed on Election Day Near Tennessee Border
      McCreary County. First Week in August 1921. 1 source.
      "On the August, 1921, primary election day when deceased, K. Anderson, was killed by Mose Walker, the latter also shot and killed Starlin Angel, both of which killings occurred at an election precinct in the south part of the county near the Tennessee line and at about 5 o'clock p. m. The two persons killed, as well as appellant and his co-defendants, lived in Scott county, Tennessee, a short distance from the Kentucky line, but appellant had a relative who was a candidate in the primary..."
      Names Mentioned: William Anderson, K. Anderson, Bill Walker, Mose Walker, Starlin Angel, Nimrod Angel

    • ♦ Former Rockcastle County Jailer Charged With Killing Neighbor
      Skaggs Creek, Rockcastle County. 25 August 1921. 6 sources.
      "A pronounced unfriendliness had existed for some time between the defendant and the members of decedent's family by reason of a litigation over a road, and defendant's feeling toward the deceased was particularly hostile by reason of some statements he had heard decedent had made about his having accused another of stealing his watermelons..."
      Names Mentioned: Watt H. Norton, James Winstead, George Bray, Green Cress, John Scott, Mrs. W. J. Starks, B. J. Bethurum, John Bailey, Beverley White, L. W. Bethurum, William Lewis, Charles I. Dawson, Thomas B. McGregor

    • ♦ Jilted Lover Kills His Rival
      Boreing, Laurel County. 16 September 1921. 6 sources.
      "The body of McClure was discovered by Reynolds and Miss Sasser, according to their story, Saturday.  On that day they declare they went to the murdered man's home for some vegetables.  Upon their arrival they found all the doors locked ... They then looked through the windows and saw McClure's body lying on the bed..."
      Names Mentioned: James McClure, Harvey Reynolds, Janie Sasser, Perry Lawson, Martha Hunter, Nannie Sasser, Jodie Gilbert, Cal McDaniel

    • ♦ Brothers Kill Man Over Election Irregularities
      Nicholls's Store, Pongo, Rockcastle County. After Election Day November 1921. 3 sources.
      "The killing was the result of election differences which arose at the Pongo voting precinct in Rockcastle county on the November election of 1921..."
      Names Mentioned: Walter Rice, Horace Norton, Zade Norton, Robert Nicholls, Dock Nicely, James Doan, Hamp Mize, Charles I. Dawson, Thomas B. McGregor, C. C. Williams, S. D. Lewis

  • 1922  (7)
    • ♦ Defendant Kills Witness in Judge's Office
      Somerset, Pulaski County. 16 February 1922. 5 sources.
      "The words hardly had been spoken when Todd rose from his seat, drew a revolver from his pocket and fired four times at Wilson, a few feet away..."
      Names Mentioned: A. H. Wilson, John F. Todd, William Catron, Mrs. James Server, H. C. Kennedy, Jack Edwards, C. I. Ross

    • ♦ Escaped Mental Asylum Patient Kills Neighbor
      Fletcher, Laurel County. 19 February 1922. 1 source.
      Several years ago Smith was adjudged insane in court here and was committed to the asylum.  He escaped after he had been there a short time..."
      Names Mentioned: Chester Jones, John Smith

    • ♦ Robbers Decoy Man to His Door, Kill Him
      near Madison County line, Rockcastle County. 2 March 1922. 12 sources.
      "Boys playing crawled under the floor of his house.  One noticed blood dripping through a crack in the floor..."
      Names Mentioned: Isaac W. Coyle, Frank Cornett, Steve McQueen, Robert McQueen, Charles Hollingsworth, William Coyle, Mrs. David Grady, Miss Florence Coyle, Nathan Coyle, Curtis Coyle, Isaac Coyle Jr., William Lewis, S. D. Lewis, Willie Parrett, L. W. Bethurum, H. J. McClure, Lewis Brown, Goldie Raridan, Governor Morrow

    • ♦ Manhunt for Escaped Moonshiner
      near Rockcastle Springs, Laurel County. March 1922. 3 sources.
      "Helton's home was raided and four heavy guns and more than one hundred rounds of ammunition were brought to London.  It was learned that Helton was hiding in the Rockcastle river cliffs, heavily armed, and in communication with numerous members of his gang..."  Article also makes note of a female Laurel Deputy Sheriff.
      Names Mentioned: Frank Helton, Hiram J. Johnson, J. E. Stringer, Dora Reedy, Myrtle Whitaker, Hiram Wells, Mrs. Daity Matthews

    • ♦ Gunfight During Session of Livingston Police Court
      Livingston, Rockcastle County. 19 April 1922. 5 sources.
      "Mullins then struck the judge with a stick.  The judge began to say, 'Shoot him.'  The town marshal, Bill Gillis, opened up on Mullins and in a few seconds the court house was cleared of all spectators and litigants except the two Mullins..."
      Names Mentioned: Overton "Obe" Mullins, Charles Red Mullins, Bob Foure, John C. Chenault, Bill Gillis, M. H. Mullins, Elmer Mullins

    • ♦ Henry M. Whitaker Dies in Eastern State Hospital
      Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Fayette County. 10 May 1922.
      See: Quarreling Family Kill Man Who Intervenes.

    • ♦ Mt. Victory Preacher Killed After Church Service
      Mt. Victory, Pulaski County. August 1922. 1 source.
      "Nolen, according to the residents of the Mt. Victory vicinity, only recently had organized the church and had been preaching regularly. He had been active in a campaign against moonshining in Pulaski county and officers are of the opinion that this led to the attempt to break up the church services."
      Names Mentioned: Abe Nolen, Ester Dykes, Ellis Richardson

  • 1923  (1)

  • 1929  (1)

    • / Millard J. Bethurum Kills Bessie Holley Bethurum and Himself
      Rockcastle County. 9 June 1929. 1 source.
      "M. J. Betherum, 45, shot and fatally wounded his brother's wife near here today and then killed himself. According to Deputy Sheriff N. J. Tipton, no cause for the act has been discovered."
      See Millard Bethurum entry in Genealogy Report of Benjamin K. Bethurum and descendants.


  • 1930's  (3)

    • ♦ Man Killed During Argument Over Division of Corn Crop
      near Hazelpatch, Laurel County. November 1931.
      Roosevelt Carrell killed Simpson Thomas. This is the same Simpson Thomas that killed Thomas C. Johnston in an argument over a land title in 1917 in Laurel County.
      See: Man Kills Another In Argument Over Land Title

    • ♦ Two Killed in Gunfight at Church
      Carter Grove Baptist Church, Quinton, Pulaski County. July 1932. 4 sources.
      "Two men were killed and three others wounded, one critically, in a gun fight at a church in the town of Quinton, nine miles south of here, tonight when officers attempted to arrest Dick East, 23, on a charge of disturbing the peace."
      Names Mentioned: Ambrose Murphy Johnson, Kenneth M. Brown, Bunk Hardwick, Dick East, Thomas L. East, Jim East, George Godsey

    • ♦ Teacher Killed While Working on Barn Roof
      Crooked Creek, Rockcastle County. January 1934. 7 sources.
      "Roscoe Morris, 38, school teacher, was shot and killed late today by a hidden marksman while Morris was working on the roof of a barn at his home in the Crooked Creek section."
      Names Mentioned: Roscoe Morris, Betty Morris, Ollie Mullins, Judge J. S. Sandusky, Charles Cole, Burch Anglin, Bronco Abney, William Capps, Edd Ballard

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