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September 2018
Granville Prewitt Hanged for Murder of Jarvis and Ellen Buck, Wayne, 1886
Beatty Wickliffe Kills Evan Warren, Boyle, 1889
William F. Kennedy Kills Frank Johnson, Garrard, 1863
Thomas Purden/Purdon Kills Dick [?] (slave), Lincoln, 1864
James Smith Kills Robert Raines, Lincoln, 1861
Henry Harris Kills [?] Isham, Garrard, 1858
Phillip Cormany Kills [?] Hines, Pulaski, 1859[?]

March 2018 through September 2018
no posts

February 2018
George Saunders Killed in Saloon, Lincoln, 1879
Rev. George Middleton Assassinated Through Church Window, Lincoln, 1876
Railroad Telegraph Operator Assassinated, Boyle, 1904

January 2018
Nick Morrison Kills William Gooch, Lincoln, 1873
Dan Kyle Kills Railroad Clerk E. W. Prentiss, Pulaski, 1876
Wesley McFerran Kills Railroad Hand, Pulaski, 1874
William Austin Hanged for the Murder of Betsy Bland, Garrard, 1882
Eb Cooley Kills George Scott, Garrard, 1886
James Wilmot Kills His Wife, Mother, Two Children, and Himself, Garrard, 1882
David Lockett Kills Ben Goss, Lincoln, 1875


December 2017
David Dishon Kills George Austin, Garrard, 1877
Man Kills Neighbor in Right-of-Way Dispute, Lincoln, 1877
Tom Baughman Kills brother-in-law Ben Givens[?], Lincoln, 1877
J. C. Johnston Kills brother-in-law J. B. Lucas, Lincoln, 1879
Bettie Fish Kills Henry Alford, Lincoln, 1879
Freeman Farris Kills Robert Land, Garrard, 1878
One Killed, Five Injured in Election Day Row, Lincoln, 1878
Joseph Ferrell/Ferrill Killed in a Melee, Lincoln, 1874
Judge Denny Kills Man That Had Threatened Him, Garrard, 1883
Samuel Douglass Killed at his Mill, Lincoln, 1860

November 2017
Tom Cain Kills Hiram Tucker, Lincoln, 1878
Ansel Frederick Kills Thomas Hatfield, Lincoln, 1879
Samuel Williams Kills Thomas Burns, Casey, 1876
The Murder of Major James H. Bridgewater, Lincoln, 1867

October 2017
no posts

September 2017
Father and Son Murder Witness Against Them, Hanged by Mob, Boyle, 1866
Men on Drunken Spree Kill Two, Injure One, Boyle, 1873

August 2017
Preacher Kills Another Preacher, Whitley, 1910
Shoemaker Murdered and Robbed Near Crab Orchard, Lincoln, 1879

July 2017
Articles and Letters before/after The Battle of Mill Springs, Pulaski, 1862

June 2017
no posts

May 2017
Joe Taylor Hanged for Killing of Dan Design, Rockcastle, 1876
One Regulator and Several Occupants Killed in Attack on Residence, Pulaski, 1868
Eugene Spires Kills Henry Lovings, Rockcastle, 1905
Daniel Selby Kills Thomas Black, Laurel, 1903
William Oakes Kills William Petrey from Ambush, Lincoln, 1877
Three Regulators Shot in Attack on Residence, Lincoln, 1868
Three Sisters Arrested For Killing Sister-in-Law, Pulaski, 1876
Kentucky Senate Candidate Kills Man At Poll Site, Rockcastle, 1867

April 2017
John Jarrett Kills Buck Padgett, Rockcastle, 1896
William L. Brown Kills County Clerk William M. Fox, Pulaski, 1866

March 2017
no posts

February 2017
Fountain Young Kills Nathan Trusty, Casey, 1871

January 2017
Mt. Vernon Town Marshal Kills George W. Gentry, Rockcastle, 1910


December 2016
Freedmen's Bureau School Burned by Arsonists, Boyle, 1866
Freedman Lynched on Christmas Eve, Boyle, 1866
Man Hanged by Mob in Baptist Churchyard, Lincoln, 1870
Mob Raids Garrard County Jail, Hangs One Prisoner, Garrard, 1876

November 2016
Former Rockcastle Judge Gunned Down on Church Steps, Lincoln, 1876

October 2016
additions to KY Court of Appeals Opinions -- Wayne County

September 2016
Roll of the Hall's Gap Battalion
Kentucky Farmers Directory, Select Counties, 1878
1880 Census Mortality Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
1870 Census Mortality Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
Jasper Rouser/Rouzy Hanged By Mob, Lincoln, 1859
1860 Census Mortality Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
1850 Census Mortality Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
1860 Census Slave Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
1850 Census Slave Schedule for Select Counties in Kentucky
Bill Carrigan Kills Man in Burnside, Pulaski, 1875

August 2016
Town Marshal John Stringer Kills Jons Chumley, Laurel, 1888
Woman Found Shot in the Road, Rockcastle, 1888
Man Kills His Cousin In Quarrel over Money, Rockcastle, 1891

May 2016 through July 2016
no posts

April 2016
KY Court of Appeals Opinions -- Wayne County

March 2016
Jonathan Damron Kills Hayes Mullins, Rockcastle, 1897
Mary Eades James Kills Smith Burton, Pulaski, 1882
Son Kills Father Over Cruel Treatment, Lincoln, 1887

February 2016
Mob Raids Monticello Jail, Hangs Arson Suspect, Wayne, 1896

January 2016
Description of Stagecoach Journey From Stanford to Somerset, 1871
Train Passenger Kills Station Agent Without Provocation, Lincoln, 1907


December 2015
William Fain Kills Jesse Hilton, Rockcastle, 1892

October 2015 through November 2015
no posts

September 2015
Charley King Kills Tom/Bogue Young, Rockcastle, 1907
Contemporary Reports of Brooks' Caning of Sumner, 1856

August 2015
Man Kills Sheriff and Wounds Town Marshal, Lincoln, 1869
Harry Griffin Kills Oscar Bowen, Pulaski, 1907
Louis Raines Kills Andy Burch, Rockcastle, 1878
Mob Lynches Child Slayer, Russell/Wayne, 1908

July 2015
Wyatt Norfleet Kills John Hooker Frye, Wayne, 1893
Brothers Brutally Kill Man With Axe Over Forty Cents, Lincoln, 1885
Boy Shot and Killed While Trying to Board Train, Pulaski, 1909
Two Killed, Two Wounded At Christmas Celebration, Laurel, 1910
Deputy Sheriffs Kill Man Wanted For Robbery, Whitley, 1898

June 2015
Biggie Mullins Kills John Townsend, Rockcastle, 1882
Allen v. Commonwealth, Laurel, 1917

May 2015
KY Court of Appeals Opinions - McCreary County
Man Kills Another In Argument Over Woman, Pulaski, 1881
Construction of the Pulaski County Courthouse, 1874
Man Kills Another Following Argument Over Injured Horse, Lincoln, 1896
Abolitionist Cassius M. Clay in Rockcastle County, 1853
Man and Officer Argue, Fall From Moving Train, Rockcastle, 1887
Saloon Keeper Fatally Wounds Coal Miner, Rockcastle, 1882
Man Kills Brother-in-Law Over Livestock Eating His Wheat, Laurel, 1887
One Killed in Quarrel Between Horsebus Drivers, Pulaski, 1886
The Sinking of the RMS Lusitania, 1915
Man Kills Deputy Sheriff Serving Property Lien, Laurel, 1919
Two Killed in Gunfight at Church, Pulaski, 1932
Various Non-Fatal Shootings, Affrays, and Other Criminal Incidents, P/R/L, 1900s
Various Non-Fatal Shootings, Affrays, and Other Criminal Incidents, P/R/L, 1890s
Various Non-Fatal Shootings, Affrays, and Other Criminal Incidents, P/R/L, 1880s
Various Non-Fatal Shootings, Affrays, and Other Criminal Incidents, P/R/L, 1870s

April 2015
Roll of Rockcastle and Lincoln County Home Guard
Skeletal Remains Found in Well Lead to Multiple Murder Trials, Pulaski, 1866
Man Killed and Robbed Near Somerset, Pulaski, 1881
Dick Reynolds Kills [?][?], Rockcastle, 1882
Former Legislative Member Kills Man For Mistreating His Son, Pulaski, 1895
Man Killed In His Home During Midnight Robbery Attempt, Pulaski, 1864
Noah Johnson Kills Thomas Doby, Laurel, 1913

March 2015
One Killed in Sheriff's Posse Standoff, Rockcastle, 1885
Railroad Contractors Charged With Holding Workers In Peonage, Whitley/McCreary, 1911
Somerset Mayor T. R. Griffin Helps Foil Train Robbery Attempt, Pulaski, 1895
Articles Relating to County Judge David P. Bethurum, Rockcastle, 1889-1900
Genealogy Report of Benjamin K. Bethurum and Descendants
Walter Saunders Kills Charles Bethurum, Lincoln, 1874
The Rockcastle Courthouse Fires, Rockcastle, 1873

February 2015
Emmett Snodgrass Kills James Bethurum, Rockcastle, 1878
Jeff Mercer Kills Hopkins Foster, Pulaski, 1874
Man Kills Neighbor in Argument Over Hogs Eating His Corn, Pulaski, 1872
Man Kills Another With Handspike, Rockcastle, 1873

January 2015
Man Killed Over Game of Cards, Pulaski, 1883
Livingston Town Marshal Kills Man Over Suspected Whisky, Rockcastle, 1921
Man Convicted of Murder Lynched by Mob, Laurel, 1905
Man Kills His Brother After Argument Over Trousers, Laurel, 1888
Saloon-Keeper Kills Man Over a Game of Cards, Pulaski, 1883
Swiss Man Killed in Fight at Bernstadt, Laurel, 1889
Alex and Simeon Tuttle Kill Evan Williams, Laurel, 1894
Saloon-Keeper Kills Antagonistic Patron, Rockcastle, 1883
Somerset Town Marshal Kills Man Who Resisted Arrest, Pulaski, 1883
Man Killed Over Game of Cards, Laurel, 1888
Man Shot and Killed at Train Depot, Rockcastle, 1889
Partial List of Ku-Klux Activities in Kentucky, 1867-1871
One Killed, One Injured in Row Between Thompson & Lawson Families, Laurel, 1885
Man Shot and Killed While Riding on Automobile Running Board, Laurel, 1921
Saloon-Keeper Kills Local Desperado, Pulaski, 1883
Man Kills Boy Over Canoe Horseplay, Rockcastle, 1876
Two Killed, Several Injured in Melees at Circus Show, Laurel/Rockcastle, 1878
Man Stabbed to Death While Supervising a Juvenile Fair Fight, Rockcastle, 1878 
Two Men Stabbed at Election Precincts in Pulaski, 1876
Henry Catron Kills Thomas Lewis, Rockcastle, 1878
Man Kills Another in Drunken Argument, Rockcastle, 1878
Man Shoots Another In The Back, Laurel, 1898 
Man Shoots Another Over Small Disagreement, Pulaski, 1882 
Lewis Raines Kills Edward Anderson, Rockcastle, 1883
Pulaski County Woman Escapes Kentucky Penitentiary, 1909


December 2014
Shooting Affray at Catchings Hotel in London, Laurel, 1901
Man Killed For Small Sum of Money, Laurel, 1882
Deputy Sheriff Kills Man During Arrest Attempt, Laurel, 1898
Man Kills Another in Personal Argument on Election Day, Pulaski, 1884
Harvey Mink Kills Miles Rogers, Rockcastle, 1881
Man Stabbed During Arrest Attempt on Election Day, Rockcastle, 1888
Somerset Officer Kills Prisoner, Pulaski, 1909
Railroad Contractor Kills Man Who Had Threatened Him, Pulaski, 1874
Hotel Proprietor Kills One of His Employees, Laurel, 1900
Man Recklessly Shooting Kills Another Man, Rockcastle, 1881
James Mize Shoots Dud McClure, Rockcastle, 1883

November 2014
Two Killed in Northern Rockcastle Ku-Klux Incidents, 1886
Man Kills Neighbor in Argument Over Hogs Eating His Corn, Rockcastle, 1897
John Riley Ramsey Killed by Unknown Man, Pulaski, 1888
Tom Donley/Donnelly Kills W. R. Gooch, Jr., Pulaski, 1881
Man Killed in Drunken Row, Pulaski, 1883
Joshua Logsden/Logston Kills John Phillips, Pulaski, 1882/1883
Serial Rapist Lynched in Burnside, Pulaski, 1883
Ku Klux Group Kills Ex-Wife of James Acton, Pulaski, 1883
Man Kills Own Brother in Botched Ambush Plan, Rockcastle, 1883
Man Kills Cousin Over Attention Paid to Man's Wife, Pulaski, 1918
Man Killed at Christmas Dance, Pulaski, 1882
Man Shoots Another Following Trivial Argument at Store, Pulaski, 1892
Teacher Killed While Working on Barn Roof, Rockcastle, 1934
Moonshiner Kills Constable in Gunfight at Saloon, Laurel, 1886
Two Men Killed at Fourth of July Celebration, Pulaski, 1893
Man Brutally Beats Brother-in-Law to Death, Laurel, 1898
At Least Three Killed in Church Yard Feud Battle, Whitley, 1888
Man Killed in Row After Purchasing Moonshine, Laurel, 1919
KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Laurel County
Fights and Killings Involving John Proctor, Rockcastle, 1888-1889
Man Kills Another In Argument Over Land Title, Laurel, 1917
An 1872 Description of Pulaski County, KY
Soldier Kills Teenage Boy For Hurrahing for Jeff Davis, Rockcastle, 1861-1862
Man Stabs Another in Argument at Mill, Pulaski, 1881
Man Fatally Strikes Another with Rock During Argument, Rockcastle, 1882
KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Rockcastle County

October 2014
Woman Commits Suicide After Quarrel With Her Lover, Pulaski, 1883
U.S. District Court Cases - Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties
Man Killed in Political Quarrel in Somerset Square, Pulaski, 1894
Pine Hill Coal Company Worker Kills Former Miner, Rockcastle, 1879
Constable Kills Man During Arrest Attempt at Baptism, Pulaski, 1909
KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Pulaski County
Death of Man Crushed By Train Investigated as Murder, Rockcastle, 1901
Prohibition, Alcohol, and Saloons in Pulaski County: 1870-1879
Tennessee Man Murdered and Robbed Near Somerset, Pulaski, 1888
Father Stabs Son to Death During Family Dispute, Rockcastle, 1896
Man Kills Neighbor Following Reckless Gunfire, Pulaski, 1907
Gunshot Victim's Body Placed on Railroad Tracks to Conceal Crime, Laurel/Whitley, 1904
Man Kills Neighbor Following Dispute Over Hogs Eating His Corn, Rockcastle, 1896
Man Kills Another For Alleged Relationship with His Wife, Rockcastle, 1888
Former County Judge Involved in Mt. Vernon Street Shootout, Rockcastle, 1886
Wood Osborne Kills George W. Price, Pulaski, 1872

September 2014
Man Kills Brother-in-Law During Argument Over Fifty Cents, Pulaski, 1890
Woman Drowned By Her Seducer in the Rockcastle River, Rockcastle, 1883
Man Kills Brother-in-Law for Deplorable Treatment of Family, Rockcastle, 1890
Man on Trial for Murder Marries Victim's Daughter Immediately After Acquittal, Rockcastle, 1879
Murders Involving Mary Sigman, the Scarlet Woman of Roundstone, Rockcastle, 1880-1882
Elza Langford Kills Tom Rose, Rockcastle, 1905
Jack Adams Jr. Kills Liberty Langford, Rockcastle, 1878
Killings of Henry Langford, John Pickens, and James Langford, Rockcastle, 1870-1879
Man Hanged For Unprovoked Murder of Barber, Pulaski, 1878
Man Killed Over Craps Game During Laurel County Fair, Laurel, 1901
Government Officials Fight Violent Duel, Pulaski, 1886

August 2014
Woman's Paramour Kills Her Husband In Their Own Home, Rockcastle, 1907
Man Kills Neighbor Over Drunken Reckless Gunfire, Laurel, 1888
Family Ambushed While Planting Corn, Mob Lynches Suspects, Laurel/Rockcastle, 1870
Double Fratricide in the Snodgrass Family, Rockcastle, 1890-1892
J. Frank Cox Kills James Sutton, Rockcastle, 1917

July 2014
Somerset Ex-Chief of Police Assassinates Local Newspaper Editor, Pulaski, 1892
Q. & C. Brakeman Kills Section Foreman, Pulaski, 1910
At Least Two Killed in Adams-Laswell Feud, Rockcastle, 1887
Lynch Mob Targets the Mayor of Somerset KY, Pulaski, 1892
Baptist Preacher Attempts Murder-Suicide After Wife's Divorce Filing, Rockcastle, 1895
Assassination of Sheriff McHargue and Lynching of the Gilliland Brothers, Pulaski, 1891
Man Kills Another Over Alleged Attempted Robbery, Rockcastle, 1890
Robert Harris Allegedly Kills Brother-in-Law Joe Denny, Rockcastle, 1921
William Tink Mullins Kills Dan Scott & James M. Singleton, Rockcastle/Jackson, 1903
L. & N. Master Mechanic Kills L. & N. Master of Trains, Rockcastle, 1903
Man Chases Another With Axe, Fatal Gunfight Ensues, Rockcastle, 1904
Murder of Tom Collins and James Thomas Shiplett, Rockcastle, 1889
Woman Kills Teenage Girl Over Suspected Affair With Husband, Pulaski, 1920
Fatal Fight Between Defendant and Former Witness, Laurel, 1886
Man Killed in Republican Primary Row, Pulaski, 1890

June 2014
Salesman Killed in Freak Accident at Saw Mill, Rockcastle, 1909
Grudge Ends in Deadly Road Shootout, Pulaski, 1904
Fatal Quarrel Over Fishing Trap, Pulaski, 1921
One Killed and Three Wounded in Gunfight at Public Sale, Pulaski, 1921
Mt. Victory Preacher Killed After Church Service, Pulaski, 1922
Man Killed in Row at Republican Primary Election, Pulaski, 1909
Woman Kills Her Husband's Mistress, Rockcastle, 1915
Man Arrested for Burglary Killed in Escape Attempt, Laurel, 1894
Man Killed Resisting Arrest at Sunday School Picnic, Pulaski, 1889
Neighbor Kills Another Over Corn Debt, Laurel, 1912
Bystander Killed in Gunfight Between Cousins, Pulaski, 1909
The Pearl Bryan Murder: Woman Beheaded Alive by Seducer, 1896
Shootout Victim's Brothers Retaliate With Dynamite, 1901

May 2014
Arrest Attempt in Church Leads to Deadly Shootout, Pulaski, 1888
Former Deputy Sheriff Shoots Man in Head, Man Survives, Rockcastle, 1908
Wife Kills Drunk Relative, Husband is Killed a Year Later, Rockcaslte, 1907-1908
Man on Trial for Murder Points Blame at Deceased Father, Pulaski, 1895-1897
Pulaski County Jailer Kills Prisoner, Pulaski, 1905
Moonshiner Kills Councilman and Wounds Town Marshal in Arrest Escape, Pulaski, 1913
Man Kills Brother-in-Law Over Land Disagreement, Pulaski, 1910

April 2014
Man Kills Another in Premeditated Murder, Laurel, 1894
Married Man Kills Another in Fight Over a Woman, Pulaski, 1893
Defendant Kills Witness in Judge's Office, Pulaski, 1922
Pitched Battle Between Moonshiners and Sheriffs, Laurel, 1884
Man Killed in Fight at Christmas Celebration, Pulaski, 1905
Dog Killing Allegedly Sparks Feud, Pulaski, 1920
Man Found Stabbed to Death in Another's Yard, Rockcastle, 1909
Quarrel Over Land Division Ends in Shotgun Duel, Pulaski, 1910
Boy Kills Father With Shotgun, Pulaski, 1909
Shopville Postmaster Killed by His Daughter's Admirer, Pulaski, 1908
Reverend Kills Man For Having Affair With His Wife, Laurel, 1894
Young Girl Accidentally Killed by Celebratory Gunfire, Pulaski, 1920

March 2014
Man Killed and Bystander Wounded in Drunken Fight, Pulaski, 1903
Pulaski County Jailer Killed in a Blind Tiger, Pulaski, 1898
Policeman Kills Former Chief-of-Police Candidate, Pulaski, 1897
G. P. Aderholdt Kills Robert Munsey, Pulaski, 1900
William Stivers[?] Kills Charles Tarter, Pulaski, 1900
Man Kills Another Over Card Game, Rockcastle, 1908
Man Accidentally Kills His Brother in Gunfight Over Craps Game, Rockcastle, 1907
Insulted Woman Kills Wealthy Man, Pulaski, 1911
Man Kills Wife's Admirer, Pulaski, 1901
Farmer Slain By Tenant, Pulaski, 1905
Man Kills Son-In-Law Over Mistreatment of Daughter, Rockcastle, 1915
Stolen Mule Precipitates Feudal Battle, Rockcastle, 1896-1908
Robbers Decoy Man to His Door and Kill Him, Rockcastle, 1922

February 2014
Land Dispute Results in Killing, Pulaski, 1915

January 2014
Former Rockcastle County Jailer Charged With Killing Neighbor, Rockcastle, 1921
Man Commits Suicide Over Sour Real Estate Deal, Pulaski, 1910
Three Men at Lumber Camp Murdered In Their Sleep, Pulaski, 1883


December 2013
Editorial: 1860 In Memoriam
Contemporary Reviews of Solomon Northup's 12 Years a Slave, 1853
Several Killed in Christmas Day Miner's Riot at McFerran Hotel, 1908
Pours Carbolic Acid Down Throat of Wife, 1921
Brothers Kill Man Over Election Irregularities, Rockcastle, 1921
An Unintended Consequence of Prohibition
Argument Over Lost Pig Results in Killing, Laurel, 1913
Over One Hundred Men Hunt Slayer of Berea Town Marshall, Madison/Rockcastle, 1914
Gunfight During Session of Livingston Police Court, Rockcastle, 1922

November 2013
Squire Singleton Killed by Marion Durham, Rockcastle, 1918
Man Stabbed to Death by Step-Son After Chasing Him With Axe, Garrard, 1898
Murder Victim Found in Ashes of Blind Tiger Shack, Pulaski, 1909
Election Day Shootout Involves Sheriff, Causes Langford/Mullins Feud, Rockcastle, 1897-1898
Seduced Woman Commits Suicide, Pulaski, 1889
Woman Kills Her Husband's Mistress, Daughter is Accomplice, Pulaski, 1900
Profile of Somerset KY in the Lexington Herald, 1906
Letter to the Editor about Reputation of Somerset, Pulaski, 1881

October 2013
A Lexington Ghost Story
Saloon Owner Kills Black-Listed Patron, Pulaski, 1906
Underground Saloon Raided in Pulaski County, 1904
Escaped Mental Asylum Patient Kills Neighbor, Laurel, 1922
Grudge Escalates into Saloon Fight and Killing, Pulaski, 1897
Manhunt for Escaped Moonshiner, Laurel, 1922
Swiss Merchant Killed at His Store, Laurel, 1909
Brothers Shoot Two German Farmers Through the Neck, Laurel, 1902
Man Hires Boy to Kill Two Women Who Had Threatened His Wife, Laurel, 1901
Jilted Lover Kills His Rival, Laurel, 1921

September 2013
Feud Battle at Restaurant, Laurel, 1905
Drunken Row at Roadside Keg Results in Gunfight, Laurel, 1905
Jack C. Watkins Kills Sam Gaines in Argument Over Girl, Laurel, 1900
W. Va. Bank Robber Killed in Pine Hill Mistaken As Jesse James, Rockcastle, 1875
Quarrel in Somerset Bank Prevents Jesse James Heist, Pulaski, 1872
Pennsylvania Train Robber Uses Dynamite, 1909

August 2013
Pomp at the Grave: Editorial on Funeral Expenses, 1894
Tragic End to a Love Story that Never Was, 1890
Description of a North Georgia Gold Mining Operation, 1832

July 2013
Attempted Assassination of Congressman Charles Van Wyck, 1861
Fight Between Congressmen Van Wyck and Hindman, 1860
Congressman Charles Van Wyck's "True Democracy--History Vindicated," 1860
Woman Picked Up on the Snow Plough of Train, 1860
Telegraph News Editing, 1898
Deadly Shootout at Crowded Mt. Victory Camp Meeting, Pulaski, 1903
Man Shoots Wife and Mother-In-Law in Front of 6-Yr-Old Son, Pulaski, 1906
Man Kills Schoolteacher, Arrest Leads to Police Shootout, Pulaski, 1911
Young Girl Killed in Saloon Raid, Pulaski, 1901
Girl Killed on Wooded Trail, Pulaski, 1913
Pregnant Woman Cuts Preacher's Throat, 1917

June 2013
Owney Warren Killed by Evan Cash, Laurel, 1913
Attorney Kills Another Attorney Inside the Laurel Co. Courthouse, 1907
Lightning Strike Kills Granville H. Brown, Laurel, 1907
Son Kills Father at Dinner Table, Laurel, 1904
Former County Attorney Kills Mistress in Botched Abortion, Laurel, 1899
Judge & Constable Killed by Deputy Sheriff & Deputy Constable, Pulaski, 1911
Quarreling Family Kill Man Who Intervenes, Laurel, 1922
Drunken Man Kills Another Over Insult, Rockcastle, 1883
Law and Order Excerpts from the Mt. Vernon Signal, 16 Jun 1922

May 2013
Landlord/Tenant Argument Over Trespassing Sheep Ends in Fatal Stabbing, Laurel, 1913

February 2013 through April 2013
no posts

January 2013
Attempt to Steal and Leak Manuscript from Harper's, 1842
1861 Boston Editorial on Equality, Self-Reliance, and the Importance of Ministers
"Revolting Assassination" near Louisville, KY


November 2012 through December 2012
no posts

October 2012
All posts in Oct 2012 were backdated for KY Court of Appeals Opinions - Pulaski CountyKY Court of Appeals Opinions - Rockcastle CountyKY Court of Appeals Opinions - Laurel County, and U.S. District Court Cases - Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties

September 2012
Recap of Hell on Wheels Season 2 Episode 4
Recap of Hell on Wheels Season 2 Episode 3
Recap of Hell on Wheels Season 2 Episode 2
Elisha Whitaker Killed by James Mize, Rockcastle River, 1901
Genealogy Report of Elisha Whitaker, 1862-1901

August 2012
Double Murder Supposed to be Continuation of Feud, Laurel, 1908
Man Kills Another Over Card Game, Laurel, 1907
Brothers Kill Man on Way Home From Church, Pulaski, 1906
Gunfight between Nortons and Arnolds, Rockcastle, 1906
Two Men Killed, One Injured in Road Ambush, Laurel, 1903
Robert Whitaker Killed by Hampton Mize, Rockcastle, 1901
Train Robbery Conspirator Accidentally Sends Plans to Postmaster, 1861
Recap of Hell on Wheels Season 2 Episode 1

July 2012

June 2012
no posts

May 2012
Profile and Interview of Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1949
"Lincoln's Storytelling Propensity"
Humorous Overview of U.S. Dog Laws, 1880s

April 2012
Blackbirds as Tobacco Hands
Miscellaneous Anecdotes No. 2
Snakes on a Train
Letter to the Editor about Raising of Children, 1912
Mob Kills Defendants While Court in Session, 1912
Mad Dog Pursued By Mob o Five Hundred, 1912

March 2012
Matthew Lyon (1749 - 1822), Part 5: Kentucky Duel
Matthew Lyon (1749 - 1822), Part 4: Duel with Griswold on House Floor
Matthew Lyon (1749 - 1822), Part 3: History of the Wooden Sword
Matthew Lyon (1749 - 1822), Part 2: Spitting in Roger Griswold's Face
Matthew Lyon (1749 - 1822), Part 1: Obituary

February 2012
Dentist Used Fear of Tuberculosis to Attract Customers, 1910
Law and Order Excerpts from the Mt. Vernon Signal, 15 Dec 1922
19th Century Recycling: The Utility of Refuse Things
U.S. Federal Govt Investment in Horse Breeding, 1921
Scientist Says Only Nose Intended For Breathing, 1861
Anachronisms in Hell on Wheels, Season 1 Final Post

January 2012
The Permanency of Typewritten Records, 1899
Pension Bill for Mexican War Veterans Stirred Sectional Emnity
Jefferson Davis' Farewell Address to the U.S. Senate
Description of Life in Lake Superior Copper Mines, 1861
Some Georgia Newspapers That Folded in 1860


December 2011
Calico Production in 19th Century U.S.
Anachronisms in Hell on Wheels, Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4
Anachronisms in Hell on Wheels, Season 1 Episode 2
Bible Printing in the Confederate States

November 2011
William Henry Harrison and the "White Slavery Slander"
A 1766 Description of Roatan Island
April 6, 1861 Northern Editorial, "Invasion of the South"
Interview with Antebellum & Progressive Era Congressman Galusha Grow
1838 Editorial on Democratic Party & Whig Party Politics
Upton Sinclair Sentenced For Breaking Delaware Sabbath Laws
Anachronisms in the Hell on Wheels Pilot Episode
Editorial on the Challenge of Reporting on Bleeding Kansas, 1856
Photograph of 1920-1930 Nurse's Uniform

October 2011
Ten Paces From An Open Grave 
Interview with John Brown's Son About Antebellum Kansas
The Tragedy of the American Buffalo
Desks, Benches, and Chaos in the House of Representatives
1897 Trend Alert About Disappearing Teeth
"The War on the Northern Pacific"
Tesla's Prediction of Television and Video Chat
A 1.5-Year-Old Boy and His Pet Snakes
Cartoon: Nostalgia vs. History
A Brief Look at Inauguration Customs, 1809-1909

September 2011
An 1880s Description of Grand Turk Island
Wireless Telegraphy and the RMS Titanic
The Purpose of Harrowing After Plowing
Leased Cemetery Plots in Cuban Cemetery
Oh, the Insanity: Daredevil Goes From Airship to Train
U.S. Time Zone Map in 1918
"Enthusiasm Described and Caution'd Against," by Charles Chauncy
Some Lesser Known Innovations of Nikola Tesla

August 2011
Editorial On Kentucky's Proposed Separation from Virginia, 1787
Reminiscences of a Handwriting Expert
William H. Vanderbilt Earned $3.66/Minute in Bond Interest
Nine-Year Old Pickpocket, 1911
Gold-Aluminum Alloy For Coins
Anecdote: False Claims of Travelling Salesman
My Painting of my Great-Grandparent's House in Somerset
Disposing of Old U.S. Government Bonds, 1911
Raising, Slaughtering, and Preserving Hogs, 1839

July 2011
Henry Ford Libel Lawsuit Against The Chicago Tribune
Political Cartoon: A Bunch of Hot Air
High-End Homes in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1902
Landmarking the Oregon Trail
Frontier Woman's Trials in Nome, Alaska
The Iconic Toothy Smile of Teddy Roosevelt
The Supposed Sandford-Goebel Duel
Anecdote: Amusing Jury Decision
Anecdote: Breakfast in Kentucky
Article Describing Midwifery in New York, 1915
An 1882 Article About the Life of Jesse James

June 2011
The Clay-Randolph Duel
Photographs of Bakery on 5th Street, Charlotte, N.C.
Obituary of Alienist Allan McLane Hamilton
Sheriff Candidates Draw Straws to Determine Election Winner, Rockcastle, 1904
Anecdote: A Strangely Prescient Sermon
Female Professional Embalmer, 1900
Dueling Tales Involving Baseballs, Hot-air Balloons, Poison, and More
June 31st Gravestone

May 2011
Cremation in the United States, 1891 - 1901
Boy Without Limbs Exhibited at Zoo, Rockcastle, 1899
Burial of Leon Czolgosz, Quicklime and Sulphuric Acid
Girl and Man Fight a Duel
Three Men Reportedly Killed While Whipping Old Woman, Rockcastle, 1887
Fatal Train Collision in McDonough, GA, 1905


*Exception--posts containing Kentucky Court of Appeals opinions. Master lists of those posts are:
KY Court of Appeals Opinions - McCreary County

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